No, not that kind.

A headcanon is a fan theory you have that you have about Digimon that you personally consider true, even if it isn't canon. Here are some of mine:

  • Cody's voice in the English dub of 02 is due to a botched tonsil surgery he had when he was young.
  • Many decades after the Adventure 02 finale, Veemon and Wormmon permanently digivolved into Imperialdramon Paladin Mode and founded the Royal Knights.
  • Milleniummon is the mastermind behind every single anime series, spreading dark spores throughout space and time to sow chaos. In Adventure, he released Apocalymon from his prison. In Adventure 02, he was the cause of Ken becoming the Digimon Emperor. In Tamers, one of his dark spores infected the D-Reaper, allowing it to grow far beyond its original scope, and causing it to see humanity as unworthy of existing. In Frontier, one of his dark spores infected Lucemon, leading to his fall from grace. In Data Squad, one of his dark spores infected Kurata, causing his fear of digimon to evolve into a desire to conquer the universe. In Xros Wars/Fusion, one of the Dark Spores infected Bagramon, leading to his rebellion against God.
  • Daemon's true goal in Adventure 02 was to use the Dark Spore to create a copy of Milleniummon's digicore, which he would use to recreate the universe in his image.