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Thread: What are your Digimon headcanons?

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    You can judge something by the cover. Except in this case you can because the rating is on the cover. And the rating is based on the content.
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    The AlphaGainForce and OmegaGainForce actually don't only have battle-orientated effect. They also have the power to stop time and travel back in the past or travel towards the future respectively (In which dosage and to what extent is unknown). Since the regular battle-orientated effects already come with drawbacks, these powers of the Gain Forces are never really used since it would mean the destruction of Alphamon and Omegamon on a very short-term to instant.
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    One of my favorite pieces of DRB flavor text states that: "According to one theory, Megidramon and ChaosGallantmon are the same being, and it is said that whether that wave of terror is projected as a dark knight or as a dark dragon depends on the observer", effectively making it clear these two digimon can be thought of as slide evolutions of one another.

    With this considered, my headcanon is that the ever-in-conflict-among-the-fandom evolutions of Angewomon; Magnadramon and Ophanimon, have a similar relationship, but instead of a dark being of terror, this is a being of Light. If you look at Ophanimon's helmet, atop it is an eagle, a bull and a lion. Aspects of all of these animals feature within Magnadramon's design (feathered wings, horns, leonine face). Furthermore, Ophanimon and Chaosgallantmon could themselves be considered counterparts, as they are in the Dawn/Dusk games as partners of the two leaders. I have a slight inclination to want to consider a similar relationship between Goldramon and Seraphimon but that feels far less weighty.

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    It'd be pretty funny if two people were in the same room and one person saw it as Megidramon and one person saw it as ChaosGallantmon, and they keep opening and closing their eyes one after the other and so he has to keep slide evolving over and over and then just punts them both saying it's way too tiresome to go back and forth so much lol.

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    Nothing in the profile text implies anything about Slide Evolution. In fact a Slide Evolution from one into the other won’t result in anything happening, since both are already the same.

    The whole point about the “Wave of terror” is that it’s a reference to, you know... wave functions.

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    Yeah it wouldn't count as a slide evolution or even a form change because the appearance only changes based on the viewers perception. Two people could be seeing to different things at the same time but it's still the same being.

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    - Adventure and Adventure 02 had heavy amounts of Christian themes and imagery; so I thought with the dark world visions Kari had was going to lead towards her eventual virgin conception and birth of a Digimon equivalent to the Anti-Christ. TK would be revealed to be the second coming of Christ, with his Angemon being the Digimon incarnation of the Holy Spirit.
    - I thought Davis was bisexual and figured he had a thing for both Kari and Ken.
    - In Tamers, I thought the Digimon Sovereigns existence proves the Digital World exists outside the space-time continuum, linking the alternate reality that is Tamers to the main reality of Adventure.
    - I believe Frontier to take place prior to the events of Adventure. While the kids of that season probably exist in the same world and probably around the same time as Tamers, since the Digital World exists outside the realms of all realities, the events that take place on the Digital World predate the events of Adventure, serving as both an origins of the lineage that would become the eight digimon we're familiar with, and de facto origins of the Digimon crests and digivices. Some what of a "Biblical age" for the Digital World.

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    depends on the size of the room too ha, considering Megidramon is huge! I think it might not be so instant as two different people viewing it but, maybe more abstractly the difference between two cultures or in different times and places.

    Quote Originally Posted by Theigno View Post
    Nothing in the profile text implies anything about Slide Evolution. In fact a Slide Evolution from one into the other won’t result in anything happening, since both are already the same.The whole point about the “Wave of terror” is that it’s a reference to, you know... wave functions.
    I'm interpreting it as such. My further headcanon of slide evolution itself is it works a bit like this, in that things that can slide evolve into one another are kinda the same thing in a way, hence why they can shift between forms. Wave of terror is an oddly specific wording yeah, but that doesn't preclude it from being considered a kind of slide evolution. That these two digimon could only exist simultaneously as one entity is.... interesting but also makes it completely completely different from any other mon.In any case its such an interesting piece of lore and makes a mon as potentially bland as a recolour subspecies into a very intriguing and frightening concept.
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    This is actually one I had when I was younger, before I knew the Digimon Movie was a composite film.
    I inferred that Wendigomon's stretchy arm and chest canon attacks were meant to parallel the similar attacks of Diaboromon, since they were both created by the same virus.
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