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Thread: What are your Digimon headcanons?

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    Yeah I've always low-key believed there's something inter-connected about each aspect of Yggdrasil we see in different media. I always envisioned it kinda like this.

    Probably because they use the name "Yggdrasil". I've always pictured it as not so much a "World Tree" but a multiversal "Worlds Tree." You see an avatar of Yggdrasil, or a Server tree representation and you think that's the whole thing. But that tree is actually just your world's branch of Yggdrasil. You see it as a tree because well...a branch on its own looks like a little tree. And the way it manifests through your world its just that one branch. Imagine you were a fish in a pond and a tree branch leaned into it, you wouldn't see the entire tree beyond it, just the branch. And that would appear to you as the whole tree.

    Maybe each digital world is a fruit on the tree, or leaves, or maybe just nestled somewhere in the branches. But the further you branch out from the tree's center, the more variation appears on the Reference Book "canon" of Digimon. The Reference Book is the core "theology" of Yggdrasil. To go with the metaphor, maybe it's even the original "seed".

    And then there's the root system. The Dark Area. Devoid of light, surrounded by the rot and the loam of the soil. So it manifests differently. To those living in the light it may even appear "evil." But it's no less important than the trunk and branches. It's all designed to maintain the system. Maybe that's why "God" doesn't just eliminate evil in digimon. It's not a question morality. The tree doesn't necessarily care about the well-being of the birds or ants or critters in the tree. The tree doesn't "care" in any understandable sense of the word. it's just the evolutionary design of the tree to maintain the tree and allow the tree to prosper.

    I dunno what Illiad and Homeros is. Veering into more Fanfiction territory here, but maybe one fruit/seed pod (ie. world) fell off the multiversal Yggdrasil. But instead of rotting, dying, and being recycled, it took root and started growing into its own tree. It's smaller, for sure. Possibly even just a sapling so there's not much to really know about it yet.

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    The Evil Warriors were able to slay Seraphimon because they all scored a Super Hit against him. In general, Xros Generals are good at scoring Super Hits, and even Mega Hits/Giga Hits/Tera Hits, which is why Shoutmon can take down Adults fairly regularly.Also, this one’s about Digimon milk:Only some Digimon (namely those with breasts) can produce it. Different types of Digimon have different properties. For instance, Beast Digimon (such as Bastemon and Meicrackmon) have richer milk than others. Plant Digimon like Rosemon give more fibrous milk with a minty taste. In addition to being nutritious, it also allows for a better chance of evolution into the Digimon providing the milk. Digimon providing their milk is infrequent, unless the Digimon is motherly enough to small ones. Milk is produced at a slower rate than in mammals, as well. Ophanimon milk is said to be the most nutritious milk of all Digimon, and like other Holy Digimon, it sparkles.
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