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Thread: Digimon Fusion Episode 21: Disaster in the Dust Zone!

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    Digimon Fusion Episode 21: Disaster in the Dust Zone!

    Episode thread for Episode 21 of Digimon Fusion

    Sunday 16th March - check your local listings for air times.

    No spoilers past this episode

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    Grand Zero is now Flame Rockets, instead of Dark Shot
    Nail Bone is now Blaze Spear, unlike previous English media where the attack name was the same as the Japanese one
    Destruction Grenade is now Hail of Destruction, instead of Guardian Barrage

    Decker Launcher is now Double Decker Darts, but the attack has no caption like in the original. The attack is just said by Christopher as he orders Deckerdramon to attack the Fusion Fighters. Wasn't this attack called Crocodile Cannons just a few episodes ago? Shesh really now they can't even keep up with there own name changes.

    Cocytus Breathe is now called Freezer Burn, instead of Metal Wolf Claw

    Deckdramon's Heavy Tail Hook is now Cyclone Crusher

    Cyberdramon's Cyber Blader is now Spinning Stingers

    MetalGreymon+Cyber Launcher captions MetalGreymon and Cyberdramon as seperate Digimon, which seems rather pointless in my opinion. In the Digimon Fusion trading cards they are labeled as MetalGreymon+Cyber Rancher, so there goes another inconsistency.

    Cyber Launcher> Cyber Crush

    This episode had way to many dialogue changes that were unnecessary,like when AxeKnightmon meets Laylamon, the dub for some reason tries to make it funny. Biggest one that bugged me was when Mikey is saving Nene and he gives that speech about working together, suddenly he says I hope she buys all that. So Mikey is only pretending to be a good guy then, and doesn't believe in any of that save the world stuff?
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    SkullGreymon is captioned like in the original and "Ground Zero" is changed to "Flame Rockets" (instead of its old dub name "Dark Shot").

    SkullSatamon is captioned like in the original and "Nail Bone" is changed to "Blaze Spear" (instead of keeping it like past dubs did).

    Puppetmon is captioned like in the original.

    Angie ungratefully whines about the garbage they've landed in.

    Jeremy makes a Darth Vader breath joke when thinking of why Christopher is working for AxeKnightmon now.

    Taiki originally asked Sparrowmon if something happened to Nene, while Mikey already knows that AxeKnightmon has Nene and tells this to Sparrowmon, who equally already knew that. Though, Mikey still thinks she's trapped inside "that black stone".

    Sparrowmon claims that AxeKnightmon grabbed Nene's brother instead of saying that he's merely holding him hostage.

    They keep tossing around the "Blazing Orb" and "Phantom Mist" terms to refer to things that didn't have names in the original.

    "Hottokenai!" is erased from the dialogue again.

    Starmon originally asked what they were going to do about Nene's brother, while here he simply says that Mikey can count on them.

    Taiki originally just said that the most important thing right now is to save Nene, while Mikey instead goes ahead and states the whole plan to come later of blowing a hole in the tower, grabbing Nene, and then getting out.

    Pinocchimon and the Dust Zone digimon originally volunteered to help too, while Puppetmon instead asks what could possibly go wrong.

    Damemon expresses "No good! No good! Very no good!"

    Laylamon and Damemon are captioned like in the original, this time sharing the same caption.

    Laylamon mentions Devimon when talking about how she wants the Dust Zone to look after she conquers it, saying that he should slap a coat of paint on it and plant some new shrubs.

    AxeKnightmon is captioned as "Axeknightmon".

    AxeKnightmon is frustrated about Laylamon having never heard of him or his team and keeps listing off a bunch of Batman-esque titles in a futile attempt to make him sound important. DarkKnightmon, however, remained calm and was fully expectant of Lilithmon having never heard of him or his team.

    The talk between AxeKnightmon and Laylamon feels far less mature in tone and mannerisms than the one between DarkKnightmon and Lilithmon in the original did. The two here act kinda childish towards each other.

    After the show comes back from commercial break, a long shot of Blue Flare from before the break was added in just before the close up of Kiriha ordering Deckerdramon to attack, as a means to better transition back into the show from the break.

    "Deckerdrauncher" is renamed "Double Decker Darts" despite episode 19 dubbing it as "Crocodile Cannons".

    Deckerdramon is captioned like in the original.

    MetalGreymon is captioned like in the original.

    "Giga Destroyer" which has been dubbed as "Giga Blaster" up till now, is renamed back into being "Giga Destroyer".

    After Mikey realizes that Christopher is being controlled, Jeremy asks if Christopher is a drone.

    Cyberdramon is captioned like in the original.

    Kiriha was originally a bit taken by Taiki's accusations of Kiriha having betrayed the trust of his digimon by serving DarkKnightmon, while Christopher instead nonchalantly asks, "So what? Who cares?"

    The impact of Taiki punching out Kiriha, and Kiriha's falling over backwards from the punch, are both cut out and replaced by a flash of white light, cutting back to Kiriha already on the ground with dust clouds blowing away from him.

    The close up of the fallen Kiriha with his bruised cheek and and stunned look in his eyes was also cut out and replaced with a different close up shot of his eyes from earlier when he said "But, I..." before he got punched.

    Christopher address AxeKnightmon as "Sire."

    While SkullGreymon and SkullSatamon opted to protect DarkKnightmon willingly in the original, the dub has AxeKnightmon command them with this peculiar line: "Blast shield, up!"

    Kiriha originally commented how Taiki throws a pretty hard punch, while Christopher is suddenly very nice and very corny in his tone, with him saying he's glad to be back and thanks Mikey.

    "Hyper Cannon" is kept, but NOT given a caption even though there was one in the original.

    "Destruction Grenade" is dubbed as "Hail of Destruction".

    Some generic lines of dialogue were added to the beginning of the DigiXros sequence.

    While Taiki said "Starmons!" in the DigiXros sequence, Mikey instead said "Starmon Pickmons!" (Not "Starmon! Pickmons!" as he said both names so fast and so close together).

    "Heavy Tail Hook" is renamed "Cyclone Crusher"

    "Giga Destroyer" is back to being "Giga Blaster"

    "Cyber Blader" is renamed "Spinning Stingers"

    Taiki originally stated that Nene's pain is his pain too, while Mikey says that doing crazy stuff to rescue people is kind of his thing.

    After Mikey gives a very loosely faithful speech about Nene working together with him, the dub added an inner thought of him thinking "Man, I hope she buys that," as though his words were really insincere. They also added one for Nene thinking, "He's either crazy brave or just crazy," as though his words really didn't affect her as much as they did in the original.

    They then added a line of Nene saying "Okay, but if this doesn't work, we're coming back, and you're fixing this wall," and Mikey saying "It's a deal!" WHY?!!

    Dondokomon SOMEHOW witnessed that whole scene up in the tower and acknowledged it as a "tender moment".

    I just noticed that SkullGreymon's inner belly has been recolored from red-orange to green. Rewinding the episode, it looks like it's been like this for the whole episode.

    After Shoutmon X4 speaks the name of his Varooma-Boomerang attack, we get a solid 20 seconds of absolutely no dialogue spoken whatsoever during all the action of the proceeding sequences of combat. Nothing but background music and sound effects. Even this is different from the Japanese version, in which there were grunts and groans uttered by the various fighters. Quite a rarity for the dub to have such verbally silent scene.

    Sparrowmon says "Booted and ready!" during the Digi-Fuse sequence for X5.

    The Shoutmon X5 Digi-Fuse sequence ends with the "X 5" artwork color in Xros Heart/Fusion Fighters red instead of Twilight/Midnight black.

    "Meteor Buster Attack" is renamed "Earth Shaker"

    The shot of rocks falling on top of Lilithmon is cut out.

    Taiki was originally unaware of Pinocchimon's attack saving him from Lilithmon, while Mikey was aware and said "I think you got her!"

    MetalGarurumon's Digicard has his name translated in English with correct spelling and casing. His "Cocytus Breath" attack is translated as "Freezer Burn."

    "Unleash Freezer Burn! Upload MetalGarurumon!"

    Legendary Digimon

    MetalGreymon + Cyber Launcher is renamed "MetalGreymon Cyberdramon". Seriously.

    "Cyber Launcher" (the attack) is renamed "Cyber Crusher".

    Laylamon: "I've gotta find out where this guy shops for his weapons."

    The "forced DigiXros" ("Kyōsei DigiXros") is renamed "Dark Digi-Fuse")

    Laylamon's line of "Oh, wow, look at that thing! Time to go!" was spoken in a very dimwitted demeanor.

    Shoutmon originally commented on how insane the power they just witnessed was, while here he instead observes that the Code Crown came loose in the blast (despite the very intense look on his face, since he spoke this line rather cheerfully).

    Mikey sounds like he's going to actually leave the Code Crown with Puppetmon and the other Dust Zone digimon instead of just leaving the Zone's future in their hands. And, in addition to his speech about wanting the Zone to be a safe place, he says that it just needs some paint and maybe some vacuuming. Puppetmon then adds that he might be able to plant some shrubbery. Kiriha mocks this "home and garden project" of theirs.

    Tactimon is captioned like in the original.

    Bagra Army
    Lord Bagra

    In the Digimon Data Collection, Mikey once again mentions a melody and having caught a digimon, despite neither being relevant in the dub. And unlike the last time this happened, the background music does not switch to a different tune. Stingmon's name is kept, his "Insect" type is kept, and his "Spiking Finish" attack is renamed "Spike Strike" (not "Spiking Strike" like it was in Zero Two's dub). And a second attack called "Wicked Antenna" is listed despite "Spiking Finish" being the only attack listed in the original.

    In the next episode preview, Mikey refers to the place that they end up in as "a Zone where everything is totally weird and totally scary," despite next episode taking place inside the Digital Space and not in any Zone at all.

    Voice credits
    SkullGreymon -- Michael Sorich
    SkullSatamon -- Neil Kaplan
    Tankmon -- Kyle Hebert

    No credit for the Guardromon, though.
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