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Again, though, the names have been spelled all kinds of ways. Tri uses "Biyomon," while Adventure used "Piyomon." A lot of Japanese viewers probably didn't notice either spelling, because it's just window dressing. What the name actually is doesn't change. And of course it would be extremely stupid if it was changed in the original version, which has always been essentially consistent.

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Since when does that happen?
As I alluded to earlier, in Digimon Adventure 02 they had Dingo calling himself a "Digi-Destiny [sic]", and Chichos's Gotsumon says "digievolución." Later on, if I remember correctly, Digimon Savers' first opening used the dub names of the levels in Digimoji. So it's been going on for a while. Funny enough, though, the American Chosen Children in 02 call themselves Chosen Children, and their Digimon evolve instead of "digivolving."
I think Chicho’s Gotsumon saying “digievolucion” is a nod at the Latin American dub or European Spanish dub rather than at the English dub. Digievolucion is the Spanish equivalent of digivolution, and it’s what they actually say in both those dubs.