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Thread: Digimon Adventure 02 on Nicktoons

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    Digimon Adventure 02 on Nicktoons

    Thought I had posted about this, but I guess not.

    Today the dub of Zero-Two will be taking over for Adventure on Nicktoons in the normal timeslot.
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    I wonder if they'll cycle through all four (or five) series like Toon Disney used to do with Adventure through Frontier, or if Nick will eventually give each one their own timeslots once they get them all like they've done with whatever past Power Rangers series they aired (i.e. - there was one point where Nicktoons would air Jungle Fury, Dino Thunder, and Ninja Storm all together at different times).
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    Easily my favorite season, Davis = my life idol.

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    Nicktoons seems to be fazing out reruns of Digimon with other programs since Nicktoons changes there schedule nearly every month.

    This really sucks since they never even started showing Tamers which is where my interest would have peaked.

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    I checked the schedule, starting next Tuesday they're going to start showing Digimon at the same time again.

    I checked and the description matches the one for Digimon Frontier.

    I sure hope they're not skipping over Tamers.

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