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Thread: Change Your Username

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    X-Omindramon to XDragon as that is my internet name just check my twitter xbl etc... Doable?
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    Can I change my username from BWG to dgmn so it's the same as my other account on an rpg site (easier to remember)?

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    Can I change my name from ZeedMillenniummon89 to Koharu Nanakura? It's my username on Discord (you can see my Tag in my profile here, but if not it's Koharu Nanakura#2616) and YouTube. (also a reference to the Aikatsu Stars character, yes)

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    Can I ask that Lauriferous be changed to LunarianCharm since I no longer use this name on any websites? Here’s my Twitter for proof - twitter.com/lunariancharm

    edit - Thank you!!
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    I Wish change my name account xeratdragons by exodusdragons

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    Quote Originally Posted by xeratdragons View Post
    I Wish change my name account xeratdragons by exodusdragons
    You currently don't meet the criteria as per post 1.

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