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Thread: Your board name origin stories

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    Ain't got no mojo... Pizza Splitter's Avatar
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    Jul 2017
    I like pizza. And I like Timesplitters. So yeah. Although the Timesplitters bit isn’t particularly noticeable just like with my other username I typically use pizzaperfect. Used it for the first time years ago and it stuck so I kept using them.

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    Oct 2017
    I needed a username. I didn't want to use my own name. I got a friend called Marwan, so I just used his name instead of my own name, lol.

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    Apr 2007
    New York
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    It's been my on-line username since the early 2000's
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    I love and collects electronic toys like Tamagotchi but Digivice is for man.
    So Digivicemon = Digivice + Mon (Derived from Popular Digivice Toys from Popular Digimon Series)

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Apr 2018
    I used my initials mixed in the s at the end of my last name with my favor Egyptian God from the YGO TCG. I use this username for almost all sites. Its become kind of a universal username for me so I just used it.

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    Mine is a bit silly. It's the name of an old Pikachu OC of mine from my original deviantArt account. The silly part is that I used to say that it was a mash-up of the words thunder, fire, and heaven. Not sure why I did that.

    I've used it for several other websites and forums over the years.

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    Ain't got no mojo... NeoDarklight's Avatar
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    May 2018
    Mine is just as silly. 15 years ago, I was a 13 year old with megalomania. So I did what every chuuni 13 year old does, and came up with the most cliche name possible that 13 year old me could- Darklight. And since it was on NeoPets, naturally, that was taken, so I added a number to the end. Then after so long, the email I used for that account became defunct, so I made a new one that didn't last for all that long. Naturally, that ended up being NeoDivinos. Why? Because I was a megalomaniac and made a crappy guild or whatever it was called on NeoPets called Devine (sic) and I had no idea how those things worked because I was a megalomaniac and didn't care. After a while, I decided that wasn't chuuni enough, and settled upon NeoDarklight, and I've been too lazy to change it since. A few years ago, I found out that the name violated all three forbidden names on some guy's Internet Etiquette site, and I loved it so much that my laziness about my name became some sort of "ironic" pride in having a name so associated with Internet idiocy while priding myself on having grown out of that sort of behavior (for the most part) that I now refuse to use any other username (unless it's taken or too long, in which case I use NDLight instead).

    And that's about as complete a story as I can make it, because I forgot the rest.

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    Jun 2019
    I really like Game of Thrones. And no one else in here was named Jon Snow. And it's a funny name, so why not?

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    Sep 2018
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    "Koreelu" is made up while Stromboli is the name of a character from Walt Disney's Pinocchio. I used that name when I joined the Official Nintendo Magazine UK forums on my 16th birthday back in 2010 and that name has stuck with me ever since.

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    Ain't got no mojo... Hanbei's Avatar
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    May 2019
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    I used to go by a sillier name for most of my childhood online, that i came up with by mashing up vaguely anime-sounding names until i got something i was satisfied with, Kainrand. As i grew up, however, i found that i didn't really like it anymore, and started trying to look for new ones, and it just so happened that it was around the same time Pokémon Conquest came out. I was very hyped for it, as i love SRPGs, and in it, i found a character named Hanbei, who was Hideyoshi's strategist. I thought he looked cool, his name sounded cool, and since i played a lot of SRPGs, i fancied myself a strategist as well, so i felt he represented me pretty well.
    I've been Hanbei in most of my online presence ever since.

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