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Thread: Final thoughts on Young Hunters

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    Final thoughts on Young Hunters

    As the title says, share your final overall thoughts on Young Hunters. This thread is not to be used to bitch/fit, so there be the pre-warning on that one. Everyone has their own opinon and that needs to be respected. People are allowed to like/dislike the series as long as it's done in a mature way.

    If you have a complaint about the series, and from the dislike thread/last epi thread i see there are more than one. Then at least put a reasoning/what could have made it better rather than just going 'this sucked'.

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    Re: Final thoughts on Young Hunters

    Disappointing season. The way they presented it in the beginning made it seem like it would be a legit season with it's own story. I was a bit fishy based on the Digimon the rivals had since Digimon like that don't fit the stereotypical type found on the main cast. But I didn't keep that from making me think this season could be interesting. But it wasn't even an entire season long. It felt more like some long epilogue for XW rather than it's own season. The crossover didn't help at all. I think people flipped the switch on YH just because characters from the past were making an appearance, which resulted in people changing their opinions, going from calling YH "crap, waste, filler" to "epic, fun, totally worth it". I don't think the crossover makes it any better at all. Fanservice shouldn't make up for a lack of story or anything interesting in the minds of fans. If anything it makes YH more complicated than before. Why did they have to come? Why couldn't Hunters from all over the YH universe just help defeat Quartzmon? No sense at all. Lackluster part of XW that should be referred to as a part of XW, not it's own season since it lacks so much.

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    Re: Final thoughts on Young Hunters

    Raucous, unending laughter.

    Oh right, suggestions for improvement: make more than two or three episodes have a point in continuity cartoons.

    It's okay to have one or two filler, or even to have several episodes where the heroes go off and do other things while explicitly putting the big stuff on a backburner (especially if they're at least character development-focused episodes), as in Supernatural, but if you're going to have 90% of episodes have nothing to do with each other, then just admit you're doing a gag series and do a gag series. I love Aqua Teen Hunger Force, it's okay to do that.

    As for crossovers: at least have a point to the crossover. We still end up with the character from this season doing all the heavy lifting, and there's no point given in the characters from other seasons showing up until the last few episodes: and even there, it's clearly macguffined in. There's no real mystery to it, either; the second that a crossover was even hinted, within the show, we already knew the old man did it.

    Basically: stop trying to do things if you can't commit to them. Hunters tried to do a standalone episodes, and couldn't commit; it tried to have a plot, and couldn't be diligent about it. It tried to do a crossover, and ended up phoning it in; it couldn't even stay faithful to focusing on forgotten Digimon that had not been animated before. Overall, while the writers and artists and directors seem to have had ample talent, they clearly had no attention span, and that dragged the series down.

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    Re: Final thoughts on Young Hunters

    Nice and compact:

    I really loved first and second arc, they had nice feeling, and for me it seemed pretty smooth + finally having villain who is the same from the start, and we didn't have leader who is some idiot like all others have pretty much been.

    Young hunter: All I have to say is meh, only good episodes were the like first 5-6 and all Airu episodes, all others were just plain uninteresting.

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    Re: Final thoughts on Young Hunters

    I didn't hate this series - in fact, a lot of the time it really was fun to watch. But the lack of a true plot and the focus being almost entirely on MOTW encounters up until the final four episodes really held this series back. It makes sense that they would have wanted a similar "let's wrap the story up in one episode" approach like Xros Wars had most of the time, but back then it always felt like it was building up to something bigger. Here in Young Hunters we only got small hints dropped on the odd occasion and then WHAM, epic four episode finale with a head scratcher ending. Granted, there were a number of episodes that told good stories and felt like they were really contributing something: Damemon, Nene, Kiriha and Akari's return episodes were some good examples, but others like the Ogremon Ramen episode felt like a waste of time and left a sour taste in my mouth - no pun intended.

    DigiQuartz was something I complained about in the other thread. It was intriguing at first, but compared to the various versions of the Digital World that we've seen, it quickly became dull with the scenery always looking very samey. What I did like was how it was made to feel like a "Bad Future" version of the world in which the characters live, and by the end of the series it pretty much did become that.

    What I liked the most, as odd as this may seem, is just that this series existed. It was nice to see that they kept Xros Wars going for just a little bit longer to have something on the air for the V-Pet's 15th anniversary. Using the opportunity to animate obscure Digimon that have never had anime screentime before - even if the rival team's evolutions didn't make much sense in terms of the base forms - and bringing back older characters for a crossover was very cool, even if they didn't really do much in the final episode, or really make up for YH's shortcomings.

    With the whole 15th anniversary thing, what was sort of interesting was that because there wasn't a toyline to market, Young Hunters compared to Xros Wars never felt toyetic. The seemingly random choice of Digimon for the rival team as well as those that Gumdramon or Arresterdramon Xrossed with didn't come across as if they'd sell very well in terms of a toyline (maybe that's the very reason every form was named "Xros Up&quot, that and they kept the same Digivice design around which they've not done before for a sequel season. Not something that I necessarily like or would complain about as I don't collect a whole lot of Digimon merchandise, but it's very odd considering Digimon has always been merchandise driven.

    EDIT: Something else I found to be odd about was OmegaShoutmon's power nerf. In Xros Wars, he was powerful enough to singlehandedly defeat Tactimon and most of Dorbickmon's army, yet here he needs the Dorulu Cannon to fight against Sagomon and easily got himself tangled up against Blossomon. Plus it meant the hero team had an odd colour inbalance with one purple and two yellow/golden evolved forms. Personally, I think it would have made more sense for the writers to find a way to work in Shoutmon x3 or x4 and save OmegaShoutmon for later.

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    Re: Final thoughts on Young Hunters

    i was pretty excited at first when i heard about young hunters. i loved xros wars so much that i wanted more of it and hearing the news on this season made me party all night long.

    *sigh* young hunters really did have a lot of potential. it started off pretty well and the monster of the month was something i expected during the first couple episodes. but when it lasted way more than 13 episodes, it just got boring and a little annoying at times. there were episodes that i enjoyed a lot, especially the Nene and Kiriha ones. but although they were enjoyable, at the end of the day i realize that there wasn't much to look forward too. so instead of watching, i read the series and comments on the episodes first before i decide to watch them.

    the characters. they wanted to focus on Yuu's development, but after he got tsuwamon back... it was like nothing else mattered. in that episode where he got his digimon back, i did see some character growth, but throughout the whole series it seems like it stopped there. i don't know why, but out of all of the characters, i was really expecting something more from Yuu, but i got less than i wanted. i understand that he's an obedient person and dependent, i guess that's why i like Tagiru way more than Yuu *shot.* ok, i know that he's a hot headed dummy, but there's a reason why i liked this character. he has had a lot more growth than any of the characters did in young hunters. he makes a mistake, but he realizes his own faults and tries to fix them, and although he looks up to Taiki, he's not totally dependant on him as Yuu is. he actually tries to figure things out on his own which will either lead to a bad thing or a good thing. also, in the first episode, he does understand a little bit about the importance of friendship, and over time, that grew a little bit more. but thus, Tagiru suffered from the same treatment of the xros wars and death generals. Tagiru is focused on way too much. because of this, we hardly get to know more about the rival group... except maybe Airu. they looked like an angry bunch of hunters who thought this was nothing but a game, it's like their only change of heart was in the last few episodes. and those were quick.

    the story......... at least give us some more hints so that the audience knows that there is a story plot going on still. after about 14 episodes, i was completely lost, it felt like nothing remotely bad was going to happen and it was just going to keep doing its thing until they run out of digimon to showcase.

    all in all. Hunters.... is a pretty disappointing season all the way up until the end. it had a few good moments and a few good laughs but it wasn't enough. when the past leaders came back, i was interested to know how they're going to pull this off, but at the same time, i was disappointed and didn't approve of them coming back because i knew it was going to end up like something like the last few episodes of this season, it's like the writers didn't even care anymore and just threw them in there for the fans, them and many other characters from the past seasons. it had okay to forgettable characters, except Tagiru, Hidaki (can't spell his name), Kiriha, Gumdramon, and Shoutmon. and everything else was just all over the place. i don't like it, i don't dislike it... i don't really know what to think of it except that it was all disappointing.

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    Re: Final thoughts on Young Hunters

    Kinda hard to say. I didn't watch all the episodes, since I really have better things to do with my life then watching fillers.

    But in generel I have to say: I could enjoy it more then the other Xros Wars arcs.
    The reason for this is actually quite simple: It was just harmless. It never tried hard, it never tried to be something that it simply wasn't. It just was this kinda senseless, very episodic and more then anything fun series.
    They certainly could have done something better with it. There is a lot of unused potential.
    I mean, it could have been epic.
    But then again, I cannot help but think that I am actually happy, that they don't tried "epic". As they did in Xros Wars before and failed so badly.

    In general, of course, this series was far away from being good.
    As so many pointed out: No story apart from the last 4 episodes. Not much character development. No much backgrounds on the characters and way more then before the Digimon were merely used as power ups.
    But then again: It never pretended to do anything more (as Xros Wars before did).

    And I actually cannot help but I kinda liked Tagiru. He was a better written Daisuke to me. He had mostly the same character and motivation as Daisuke had, but his flaws actually caused him to fail.
    He would have been, of course, more likeable if he had some real development. But, yeah...
    The other characters were mostly forgetable and I in general disliked how Taiki got played up again and the rest of the XW cast was berely seen. But then again: As I didn't like any of the XW characters much apart from Zenjirou - who at least got a Xros Loader in the end - it never really bothered me.

    All in all I again missed stuff like familiy. But I didn't expect it to be there, as it wasn'T there in Xros Wars. So... Yeah...

    And actually I am not even really disappointed by how the crossover was handled, as I didn't expect it do be better. I mean, PreCure thaught me that lesson.

    So all in all, it certainly wasn't good, but it was enjoyable to watch and never pretended to be more, then it actually was. And it was really, really harmless.

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    Re: Final thoughts on Young Hunters

    As many of you have said, too many filler episode not enough story. I didn't like the way the contest in the second to last episode was rushed.
    Way back when Kiriha first showed up in YH, i thought about having a contest, a naruto-style chunin exam.
    Where the clockman says the only way to save the world is to find who is the strongest to pull out the arm (This bit i thought of after the contest bit)
    Within the contest you could have the other hunters filled out a bit more with some xros up's, maybe even some evolutions.
    Of course Ryouma would win, but at least we would have some story to some of the hunters, especially the main cast.
    In the meantime, xros heart could find out where quartzmon is hiding and when the winner of the contest turns up tell them.
    You dont even have to have the previous leaders in it.
    This is how i pictured this
    Episodes 55-67 (World trip) maybe instead of the ramen episode have the inroduction of mizuki
    Then have the Betsumon episode
    Then have episode 68 (hunters gather)
    then have episode 76 (MLKuwagamon & Arresterdramon SM)
    Then have the contest, Quartzmon runs away licking it wounds, while xros heart searches for quartzmon.
    The contest doesnt have to be long, one episode to one battle, could easily have the same amount of episodes
    The have episodes 77-79

    Thats what i would do anyway. Maybe make a RPG of my version of it. Mmmm... ;D
    The Battle!

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    Re: Final thoughts on Young Hunters

    I liked it.True,the story and characters were underdevelopped.However,had this been a full-blown season (50-ish episodes) we could have seen a pretty good follow up to xros wars.

    Still,we have been seeing lots of homages to previous seasons.And,obviously,the xros over.Therefore,I like to consider this whole story arc as simply a form of fanservice.

    Now,for the last two episodes,the return of the leaders was awesome.Lots of characters from other dimensions joining forces was cool.Just wish we could have seen all os them:attleast a still near the end.As for the last episode...the leaders became on with brave snatcher,Tagiru inherited Taikis goggles and bacame the last human on Earth.Thats cool...but Arresterdramon SM X Brave Snatcher was epic.And those this create a loop hole? Because he effectively xrossed with the leaders,but at the same time BS was destroyed...still cool though.And if all these weren't enough,clockguy was shown to be Bagramon.So Bagramon told the hunters to get Bagramon's dead power to defeat reincarnated Bagramon...makes sense as to why he did all of this.

    Does this mean he's changed? Or does this mean he wants to be the destroyer? Who knows.And for the leaders: what happened to them? With clockmon gone,how did they go back.Would have been nice to see them being sent back during the final moments.

    So yeah,lots of unanswered question.Hopefully,the next season (7?) will be handled better.And before I finish this up,I want to say that I hope Bagramon reformed,because then Shoutmon can fulfill his wish:to fight Bagramon once more.

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    Re: Final thoughts on Young Hunters

    It's bottom of the heap. Below the steaming pile that is Fronteir.

    Let's explore why:

    Plot: Ep 1 - 16: None. None whatsoever. It's character introductions, a little bit of development in regards to Yuu, and that's about it.

    Ep 14: Not important to the actual plot, but we get the promise of the previous heros, in the form of the shilloettes. Still not plot-critical.

    Ep 17: We finally get some plot in the form of Gumdramon's backstory. Except that one particually important figure introduced in it is NEVER followed up upon, Sanzomon. Also, that about 2 seconds of Gokuwamon. Why?

    Oh, and 90% of the character development in this ep isn't followed up on. Specifically Gumdramon.

    18 - 21: No plot. Again. Only one ep even provides something related to the finale.

    22: We finally have some plot! Crammed into half an ep! And they throw in Arresterdramon S.M, and 2 of the previous heroes, who do nothing of actual note or plot significance except provide fanservice!

    23: We have plot! And no fanservice!

    24: Obviously more plot, it's the leadup to the final battle. Also, it's filled with leaderservice again. However, aside from beating up the Vamdemon line... did they do anything of plot significance? Nope. Did we really need the powers of the previous leaders to activate Baguramon's arm, which is supposed to be from Yggdrasil's tree? No. It could have been ANY other plot device scattered about the season. Or the characters of the week!

    25: Leaders stand around and do fanservice. Taiki gets written out [Well, Ep 24 did that technically, but he sits out here], and Quartzmon gives the D-Reaper a run for it's money in creepy, but falls flat because of lack of mind-rape. Also, inevitable seperation and suddenly: OCSM is Baguramon! Too bad none of it matters!

    Summary: 90% of it was filler, the plot sucked and was rushed, and the only thing that probobly kept most people watching was the previous season heroes.

    Caracters: Because Characters tends to be something Digimon does well.

    Taigru: Most annoying lead. Ever. No character development, by the way. He was also overshadowed by Taiki 90% of the time, and seemed pretty useless, except when the plot demanded at the end. I don't watch Digimon for a self-concerned kid that wants to be a superstar. If I wanted that I'd consider Mimi a good character. And she developed out of it!

    Gumdramon: Perfect partner for Taigru... equally annoying and useless. Can he have an attack that dosen't revolve around his tail? Just once? Shoutmon had like, seven. Variety. I think the only time Arresterdramon didn't finish someone that wasn't a mook [Infermons] with his tail/Exterme Jihad was GigaBreakdramon Xros Up, and the finale.

    Taiki: Spotlight stealing squad anyone?

    Akari and Zenjiro: Acheived nothing. No development. And getting Xros Loaders in 24 was just so they finally got a moment in the limelight. Except it was stolen by the previous heroes.

    Yuu: Actually had minor character development. As in, he changed from Xros Wars.

    Ryoma: Typical rival character. Except he was manipulated.

    Ren: Did he do anything except fail in Ep 6? Nope. And he got beaten by Gumdramon. Seriously. Why did he even exist? Also Dracmon sucked. Yasyamon? Seriously?

    Airu: The character handled BEST IMO in Hunters, because she actually showed some development, becoming closer with the main group as time went by. She also became less bratty. Opposumon had about as much character as a flat tyre.

    The OTHER Spotlight Stealing Squad: Nothing but fanservice. They didn't advance the plot. They were not needed. I wonder if they were just shoehorned in halfway through in a desperate attempt to boost the abysmal rateings they were probobly getting due to being a plotless MoTW season. 'Hey, we're bringing the Goggleheads back eventually! Watch! Please Q_Q'.

    They didn't even fanservice well, because it was so rushed.

    Nene: They took her character, and stomped on it, in my opinion. Seriously? An Idol? Happily leaving Yuu alone, after all she went through to GET HIM BACK?! /tableflip

    Kiriha: Did he even have any characterisation? I don't think so, at least, in any notable way.

    Summary: Easily the worst characters of any season, to the degree they had to rely on ones from past seasons.


    In my opinion, Hunters is the worst season by far. It has unforgivable amounts of filler, a plot that's virtually non-existant until the last 3 eps, a horrible cast of characters, and it stomps on pretty much everything good about Xros Wars, then spits on it.

    In a way, it did the opposite to what I hate in Fronteir. Fronteir narrowed the cast to two people. Hunters expanded it too far, far too many, and as a result, some characters that were supposed to be nmotable, such as Ren, became pointless. The big re-entry of the previous heroes was horribly done, with no real limelight being given [Especially to Susanoomon and ShineGreymon BM, each of which... fired a stream of fire, and didn't even kill their targets, Imperaldramon had to. Bonus points to Susanoomon for his Hybrid form's attack being SHRUGGED OFF.]

    Unlike Xros Wars, which gave a purpose to all the characters even if some were larger than others, and some were forgotten for ages [ChibiKamemon...], Hunters left many, many characters pointless. Remember Phelsemon? I sure don't! Rookcheessmon who? There was an Ogremon?! Kotemon? You get the picture.

    Hunters sucks. The only redeemable feature is... uh... some of the animations were nice... and the homages to some of the previous seasons, specifically Tamers with Quartzmon.

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