This is a thread for the various fan-made digimon profiles I've written up for my various projects. Some I plan to use in stories, some I just write and conceptualize for the hell of it.

Level: Child
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Cyborg
Family: Metal Empire, Virus Busters
Group: Imperial Guard - Mounted Division
Digimon Natural Ability: Holy, Machine/Mutant

Attacks: Wheel Slicer, Guard Shot, Lance Striker

Profile: A rookie member of the Imperial Guard's "Mounted Division." Though this digimon's upper body is humanoid, his lower body is structured like the front end of a motorcycle. Though he is just a Child digimon, Gendamon's evolution has been oversaw by the elite members of its organization and he is often given high level security duties. Thus, Gendamon has a great deal of pride in his duties and position. Gendamon has three key techniques: "Lance Striker", in which he thrusts the lance in its right arm forward while charging at top speed; "Guard Shot", where he fires the pistol in his left hand; and finally, "Wheel Slicer", whereupon Gendamon uses the wheel on its lower body as a weapon, cutting the enemy with it as if it were an energized disk. Because he is an inductee to an elite group, Gendamon's body has been outfitted with the lightweight but durable Blue Digizoid.

Name origin: - Gendarme, a historical or modern cavalryman.

Note: The "Imperial Guard" is a group I'm working on developing; basically, they're conceptualized as underlings/soldiers for the Royal Knights. The "Mounted Division" is subservient to LordKnightmon and Sleipmon. Gendamon is basically the lowest ranking member of this group.

Level: Child
Attribute: Data
Type: Insect
Family: Jungle Troopers, Wind Guardians
Digimon Natural Ability: Insect/Plant

Attacks: Courage Catcher, Bug Buzzer

Profile: A descendent of ancient-species digimon that resembles Yanmamon. However, it lacks Yanmamon's ferocity, instead having a more docile personality. Though it is just a Child-level digimon, its wingspan is quite wide, and it can also carry off other creatures that are much larger than itself. A pattern resembling the Crest of Courage can be seen on its back. It can attack by releasing sparks from the buzz of its wings ("Bug Buzzer&quot, or by throwing out a stone attached to a string tied to its forelegs, beating the enemy with it as if it were a flail.

Name Origin: Japanese. "Ko" meaning child, and "Yanma" meaning dragonfly.

Level: Child
Attribute: Data
Type: Fairy
Family: Metal Empire
Digimon Natural Ability: Machine/Mutant

Attacks: Dance Break, Audio Crash

Profile: A Fairy-type Digimon born from a audio playing device's data. Her appearance is like that of a young, female imp combined with a music player and speaker device. Since the rise in popularity of such devices, Audiomon have begun to appear in greater and greater numbers, and often form groups that function like musical bands. It is believed that Audiomon constantly has a melody ringing in its ears, and for that reason, it is constantly dancing and acting as if it were caught up in a memorable song. When threatened, Audiomon fight back by pummeling the opponent with hot dance steps (Dance Break); however, some have observed that Audiomon tend to appear oblivious while doing this, so it's possible that one may not actually be fighting back on purpose. When its attention is fully caught by the opponent, Audiomon will instead create a powerful blast of feedback from its speakers and use the resulting distraction to escape (Audio Crash).

Name Origin: Audio, as in pertaining to sound.

That's all for now. I'll try to update this regularly.