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Thread: Role Play Interest Check

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    Don't worry, it's not irritation towards you, it's however a distasteful shout out to the state of the RP section and the lack of communication between the regular players.

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    Ok so far we've got Vande, Deino, and Viper on the discord. I'm going to wait a few more days in case anyone else didn't see the link. It's on the previous page as well as the first. I'll finish the various channels soon and you guys will be able to hash some stuff out.

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    Might anyone here be interested in trying a URealms campaign? URealms is a RPG with a fantasy setting of magic and warriors and other stuff like that. Optimally this would be played in virtual tabletop, but I've made some custom images to adapt the game for the forum, and, combined with the card viewers on the official website, I don't think playing on here would be too inconvenient. Getting into the game should be relatively easy without having to learn a lot of mechanics, though there are many options for making intricate character builds as well.
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    I'm interested in a Percy Jackson esque rp, with all types of gods from all over the world.

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    I had an idea for an rp that would sorta be similar to the anime in the sense that there is an adventure in the digital world. One player would sign up and they would have to answer some questions. Some for their appearance or character info, and another pack of questions, sorta like a survey, to determine who their partner digimon would be. Just like in the anime, where they couldnt choose their digimon partner, it was just given to them (Well, through most of the animes anyway.) and the story would be like as long as an adventure should be. Though, i'll keep it interesting throughout, to not make it boring. And as for the new players, instead of starting directly where the first player is, they would plop right where the first player is, the more players, the bigger the group gets (thats too create a mass in power using the forumers). Though it would be advised to read through the story of the other player. The reason they wouldnt start in different places is so i can describe actions or speak to the players as a group, rather than respond to two different adventures. Even trying to talk so one person in a group would seem easier. So yeah, story would be slightly mentioned, but uncovered as they go along. Thinking about calling it Digimon Perfect Zero. Hows that sound?

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