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Thread: Drama CD + Novel translations

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShindoW View Post
    Thank you Yasushi! Do you mind if I add these to my site? I'll credit/link of course
    Wow, check this prompt reply. XD But anyway, go ahead =D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yasushi View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ShindoW View Post
    Thank you Yasushi! Do you mind if I add these to my site? I'll credit/link of course
    Wow, check this prompt reply. XD But anyway, go ahead =D
    Hi, thanks for your short but helpful insights into the digimon novel (3rd part).
    There are many things that start to get clearer with it, like the Digivolution vs "static" ideological fight and the reasons behind Apocalymon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yasushi View Post
    -The book mentions the black ball Piemon put in Gennai, and implies that it would later disable him from moving around freely. It also states that it was a seed of darkness, necessary for dark Digimon.
    The black ball / dark sphere is mentioned in the audio dramas. It is stated that both Gennai and Koushiro are worried about Gennai's condition implying that the dark sphere might do some harm to him; also Koushiro finds it odd that Gennai's "servants"(?) / people that help Gennai look exactly like him.
    So both the novel and the audio drama give small hints at this being a thing.

    Maybe in Tri it will all be revealed.

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    Is there any Drama CDs for Applimon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hikari Motomiya View Post
    Is there any Drama CDs for Applimon?
    No as far as I'm concerned. Only Adventure, 02, Tamers and Frontier have some kind of CD Drama associated content. As for the most recent Blu-ray Box releases, Adventure have two more Audio Dramas, Tamers one, and Frontier will have another one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yasushi View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ShindoW View Post
    I'm really curious about Natsuko during the Zudomon part, though. I definetly want to read into that more. A little disappointing on the change with the parents as well, but it's more what you would expect, I think, compared to the anime.

    Gesomon manifests nearby Takeru and Natusko, Jo and Gomamon intervene and that's when she sees Ikkakumon. Before he becomes Ikkakumon, she sees Gomamon talk; since the boats have suspended service, she travels with Takeru and Jo on Ikkakumon.

    Later, they're together when Mega Seadramon shows up; Zudomon's fight with Mega Seadramon plays out relatively the same as the anime, with the exception that he hammers Mega Seadramon's head, and the opponent is actually shown to die, unlike the anime where he simply sank beneath the waves (is it just me, or does Kakudo get fairly graphic here?).

    That said, when Yamato sees his mother, he says "Mother..." and the narrative states that he lost his words.

    Later, when Vamdemon's original body is destroyed, the next subchapter opens with the line, "Takeru was glad to see the four members of his family gathered again. Hiroaki and Natsuko were not able to rejoice directly (the exact wording is 「裕明と奈津子はそう素直に喜べはしなっかた」; 「素直」
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theigno View Post
    Speaking of that Takeru Narrator thing it would have been really really fun if the Adventure novels had truly committed to that concept. As in that they could have actually been presented as the specific books Takeru wrote in the epilogue about their adventures, being told completely by him in first person and never actually leaving young Takeru's perspective.
    Not only would that have made for an interesting character study it would, it would also offer a nifty explanation for all those events that the novels portray completely differently than the anime. After all Takeru is not writing anything during his adventures, we're talking about Takeru somewhere around his late thirties trying to piece together what happened over 20 years ago. And as an adult you don't really remember most things from when you were 8 that clearly, so there could be parts that might be completely different just because back then he remembered it in an exaggerated or childishly rationalized fashion
    Thank you I summed up the events in a beautiful way
    yes I think it's pretty graphic
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