02 Characters in Kizuna, Character Designs & Cast Info


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Aug 12, 2015
GranKuwagamon? It has no correlation with Shakkoumon whatsoever?
DinoBeemon>GranKuwagamon is Wormmon's parallel with V-mon's Paildramon>Imperialdramon DM. Though there's really no reason to use GranKuwagamon at all in the film because Imperialdramon already serves the same purpose.
I see, I thought the original was referring to GranKuwagamon being Shakkoumon's Ultimate.

Will Toei stick to Imperialdramon, GranKuwagamon, and Valkrimon? will they go new? will they jogress, since TK and Kari don't really need to? now for the fandom wars to begin again!
Headcanon time:
Since Yukio's sacrifice and digital world's restoration (and since the holy ring returned to Tailmon) they eventually managed to evolve to their previously jogressed forms on their own:
V-mon - XV-mon - Paildramon - Imperialdramon DM - Imperialdramon FM
Wormon - Stingmon - Dinobeemon - GranKuwagamon - GrandisKuwagamon
Hawkmon - Aquilamon - Sylphimon - Valkrimon
Armadillomon - Ankylomon - Shakkoumon (blah, retcon it away*) - ClavisAngemon if they want a direct evolution of Shakkoumon or Olegmon if they want a more natural conclusion for Armadillomon - Ankylomon ignoring Shakkoumon.

Didn't check to see if I spelled these correctly, apologies in advance!

Why the jogressed forms? Because they are forms they had already been in before. Also because IF these kids get to be part of any actual action, I hope they won't just stay at Adult/Champion level and I doubt they'd create entirely new evolution lines for them either.
Alternately, they could just be seen going straight to Mega, of course!

*: Like I said in another thread, they can always use this as Armadillomon's Ultimate if they realize what a mistake Shakkoumon was as an Ankylomon+Angemon jogress are feeling... creative!

But back to the main topic, I am sitting here laughing by myself with the fact that we actually see them this time around. I can't believe it!
Last time it was like they had swept an elephant under the rug and pretended no one noticed, so I'm kind of in a shock after this update!
Shakkoumon was great though. SlashAngemon would work.

Since this is an anime film, I'm not falling for "FEATURING THIS PERSON!" to then have them speak a single line and appear in merely one shot.
I actually expect this to be the case for even the original 01 cast, beyond Matt and Izzy. The fact Joe is in medical clothes implies he may just be seeing everything happening on TV throughout the film, not unlike how the kids were caught up in life during Our War Game.
Yeah. I feel pretty similar about this situation.

I really doubt 02 cast will have a big role in the fights of this film. It's possible they aren't even involved in the fights.

Even 01 cast will likely have little screentime. Taichi seems to be the big focus in this film.
I never pray but this time I must have to pray for...
This will at most be a 90-100 minute movie which, so far, appears to be very Taichi and Agumon centric, and on top of being billed as their 'last adventure' is going to have to give all eleven of the other DigiDestined and their Digimon a proper send-off too. With the 02 cast being more or less confirmed, that's a lot of characters to cram into one film. And inevitably, some of them are going to end up getting the shorter end of the stick in terms of screentime. Sora is my favourite character, but her profile seems to suggest that we might not see much of her, so at the moment that's pretty much what I'm expecting.

All I'm saying is; don't set yourself up for disappointment, and keep your expectations realistic.
If we are lucky, we might get a more feature length like 120 minutes or above. How much screen time the other 7 will get will determine the quality of the film for me (a major factor).


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Sep 8, 2006
Update- Changed the character layout and cast image to a better version.


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Nov 13, 2012
I can answer one of your questions. The Mysterious Man was not Gennai. Gennai was in one of the tubes with Daisuke and the others.
Huh. I somehow missed this tidbit, so thanks.

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Sep 10, 2006
Bet everyone will be happy to see them back again. Finally. But hey, Miyako (and Ken) look great. So that's what I'm interested in. Now to wait to see what they're doing.