1. MarcFBR

    15th Anniversary D-3 Updates and the Return of the 15th Anniversary Digivice

    Some various Digivice updates today. First up, those of you who missed the 15th Anniversary Digivice will get another shot at it. The Premium Bandai store will be doing another wave of releases of it (seemingly because of a reveal you'll...
  2. MarcFBR

    First episode of Zero-Two from BD-Box to Air on TV

    Similar to what was done before the Adventure Blu-ray box came out, the first episode of Zero-Two will air on TV in it's remastered/upscaled form. Tokyo MX will air the first episode of Zero-Two at midnight on January 4th (for clarification, right as January 5th is beginning.) Visually the...
  3. MarcFBR

    Zero-Two Blu-ray Coverart, Steel CD Case Cover, and Discussion

    We have some images of the coverart for the Zero-Two Blu-ray box. Interestingly it appears it's going to continue the general style that Adventure had, but with an interesting extra duo on the back side... This likely means we can...
  4. MarcFBR

    Digimon Zero-Two 15th D-3 Digivice Pre-order info

    We finally have more information about the upcoming 15th anniversary D-3s. Pre-orders will open December 25th. The price will not be friendly though... 9900 yen... each. 6000 will be made (I'm...
  5. MarcFBR

    Toei Financial Statements Mention Digimon on Blu-ray

    Not any big news here, but recently Toei released some new financial statements. In it they mention how DVD/BD sales in general are down. They also specifically had a bullet point mentioning Digimon on Blu-ray had significant sales for them in 2015. This likely explains why 02 on Blu-ray is...
  6. MarcFBR

    Digimon DataColle Data 3 Featuring Zero-Two Revealed

    We know what DigiColle volume 3 will contain now (the original article with the previous teaser image is contained below.) This will have 02 related Digimon. Info on MegaHobby suggests the 02 and Tamers logo on the previously released poster was...
  7. MarcFBR

    Animax Airing Digimon Movies Prior to tri Release

    Not huge news for those of us not in Japan, but at least worth a mention. Prior to Digimon Adventure tri. 1 coming out, Animax will be doing 3 marathons of the theatrical Digimon films. On November 1st (Sunday) they will air the Adventure and 02 films between 11:00am and 2:30pm On November...
  8. MarcFBR

    Donations for tri and Zero-Two October Update

    Thought I'd give everyone an update on donations. Will quote prior information posts on the subject before the update. If you want something in exchange for your donation I have various digital redemption codes, feel free to PM or email me an offer. Additionally things will be listed as...
  9. MarcFBR

    New Digimon Adventure tri. Magazine info and Discussion thread

    We knew of new upcoming magazine spreads for Digimon Adventure tri. in Animedia and Hyper Hobby because of preview images from the Digimon twitter, but now we have preview images of a big spread that will be in an upcoming issue of Newtype.
  10. MarcFBR

    Digimon Adventure Zero-Two Marathons on niconico

    niconico will be holding two different mini-marathons of Zero-Two episodes. Next Wednesday, September 16th, niconico will stream episodes 1 thru 5 beginning at 8pm Japan Standard Time. The following Monday, the 21st, niconico will stream episodes 1 thru 12 at 7pm Japan Standard Time. Both...
  11. MarcFBR

    Digimon The Movies Blu-rays Re-Released as Singles

    Released earlier this year as a 5 BD box along with a soundtrack CD, Digimon the Movies will get a second release next year. Each disk of two films will get a release as "Digimon The Movies" Volumes 1 thru 4. All 4 volumes are currently scheduled for January 6th, 2016, which is a touch under a...
  12. MarcFBR

    Donations for tri and Zero-Two

    Decided to call for donations earlier than a few weeks before release so anyone who wanted to help could help without it being a last minute thing. I had hoped to be able to cover tri myself, but my upcoming (and slightly unexpected) move is going to be pricier than I thought, despite ending up...
  13. MarcFBR

    Digimon Seasons 1 through 3 Back on Netflix

    Digimon Seasons 1 through 3 are back on Netflix. For now at least only the dub versions are back. Digimon on Netflix Thanks to NetflixAnime on Twitter for the info. Previous thread about Digimon on Netflix.
  14. MarcFBR

    Digimon Seasons 1 through 3 Gone From Netflix

    As we previously found out, the dub and sub of Digimon Adventure, Zero-Two, and Tamers is gone from Netflix. This would confirm that no new deal was reached to keep them there. Digimon Fusion season 1 remains on Netflix. Previous discussion thread is here.
  15. MarcFBR

    Digimon Adventure Zero-Two BD-Box on March 2nd 2016

    Few details thus far, but multiple Japanese Blu-ray sites are reporting Toei is doing a Digimon Adventure Zero-Two BD-Box. In fact, they are doing 2 of them. There will be a normal version and a special first print edition. Both will come out on March 2nd, 2016. The normal version will be...
  16. MarcFBR

    Digimon Adventure Memorial Goods- Taichi's Goggles and Digimon Gashapon

    The mystery item is revealed and it isn't the previously seen D-3. It's a Bandai Premium shop set of Taichi, and later Daisuke's, goggles. Pre-orders will be taken July 29th thru September 30th and they will ship in December. They will...
  17. MarcFBR

    Zero-Two 15th Anniversary D-3 Pre-orders on July 29th

    An image has shown up of a flier for a 15th Anniversary D-3. Bandai's Premium shop is also teasing a new Digimon pre-order on July 29th. Could these be one and the same? Thanks to hisa for the flier...
  18. MarcFBR

    Ken and Wormmon Figure Set Release Info

    The Ken and Wormmon G.E.M. figure set has it's preorder and release information announced. It will cost 6,588 yen. The pre-order period will begin on July 24th and close in October. The set will ship in November. Some nice detail shown off...
  19. MarcFBR

    Digimon Leaving Netflix on 8/1/2015

    Digimon Seasons 1 thru 3 (Adventure, Zero-Two, and Tamers; both dubbed and subbed) will be leaving Netflix on August 1st. Watch them while you can. Digimon dubbed on Netflix Digimon subbed on Netflix Thanks to NetflixAnime on Twitter for the news. This does not appear to affect Digimon Fusion.
  20. MarcFBR

    Dates for New Digimon Figures

    Pre-orders for the Takeru/Angemon and Hikari/Angewomon figures will begin on July 20th. A few days later Ken and Wommon will be up for preorder on July 31st. All 3 will be released in December. Thanks to Bokutachi for the news. Let's just continue on the prior conversation thread for now.