zero two

  1. Rosamon

    Ichijouji Ken's transition to the Digimon Kaiser: My issue with the Dark Seed

    Ken is my favourite character in 02. I'm a sucker for tragic villains turned heroes. As much as I love him and his growth in overcoming his internal conflicts throughout the season, I feel the whole Dark Seed reveal took away a lot of what I liked about his backstory. I'd argue that it was...
  2. H

    What happened to Oikawa in the manga?

    Hello again. I'm curious about a thing I read about the Digimon zero two manga. Is it true that Yukio Oikawa does not enter Digiworld, (when very weak), does not meet his new Digimon friend and then transforms into butterflies like in the anime? Heard he just somehow disappears when...
  3. Velocifaptor

    Digimon Neo-Tamers United: A Charioteer Mode (djdeathspider) Fanfic

    Chapter 1: A New Hero Is Chosen The clock struck ten as Parthasarathi Singh let out yet another yawn, and almost fell off his wooden double-bed. His little brother had already gone for his tennis game, and he knew if he didn’t get up soon, he would be late for his swimming camp. Throwing the...
  4. KaenKazui

    Digimon Adventure, 02 and Frontier and the age-thing

    *sigh* Guys, I am so very tired of this... I am actually quite sure, that I opened up a thread like this before, but I cannot find it again. Maybe I just mentioned it in some other thread... But however... Here I go again. Why were the character age information on Wikimon - and now on Wikia -...