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  1. MarcFBR

    Toei's Updated English Site and Showing Digimon at Licensing Expo

    Toei has updated their American site with various information on some of their franchises. The URL and some other things specify it as a USA site, but the actual details on the site are for all of the Americas. Their old American catalog site (with an entirely different url) vanished awhile...
  2. MarcFBR

    Digimon Fusion Season 2 Digital Streaming Exclusive to Netflix

    Netflix has announced they will have Digimon Fusion Season 2. http://images.withthewill.net/fusion_s2_poster.jpg Fusion Season 2 will appear on Netflix on March 8th. It's been labeled as a Netflix Exclusive (not a Netflix Original), so for digital distribution it won't be showing up anywhere...
  3. MarcFBR

    Digimon Fusion Season 2 DVD Cover and Finalized Info

    Much of this was known before, but was preliminary. Now we also have coverart. http://images.withthewill.net/digimon_fusion_s2_dvdcover.jpg To very little surprise it's the primary key/poster art that was used for Fusion Season 2. The DVD set for Season 2 of Digimon Fusion will be on 5 disks...
  4. MarcFBR

    Digimon Fusion Season 2 DVD Release in March 2016

    Based on a preliminary listing at a store it appears we have some information about when Season 2 of Digimon Fusion will get a DVD release. CDUniverse lists that it's scheduled for March 1, 2016. They list their price as being just under $42 but does not list the MSRP. Season 1 had an MSRP of...
  5. prismblack91

    Digimon Xros Wars/Fusion: Anime vs Manga

    As a fan of the Xros Wars/Fusion anime (and maybe one of the few fans that can stand it) I kind of enjoyed what this series had to offer but thought in kind of fell flat abit. Then I saw the manga version when it was finally translated and was amaze of a different it made compare to the...
  6. prismblack91

    Im abit new here, so hey.

    I'm Prismblack91 a normal Digimon fan mostly in anime and manga, not so much the games. My favorite mangas are V-Tamer, Next, and Xros Wars [which i prefer over the anime] and i been trying to find fans of them.
  7. Shadow Shinji

    Have you changed your mind after having seen Xros Wars?

    I have seen in many sites and forums for years many opinions against Digimon Xros Wars/Fusion, alleging that the Digimon seem "Transformers", that this season has lost the "essence" of Digimon, and that's just a complete washout. I'll talk about my experience: when I first heard about it, the...
  8. Shadow Shinji

    Differences between Death Generals and Big Death-Stars

    This is a doubt that I had for a long time. Which is the difference between the Death Generals from Xros Wars and the Big Death-Stars? Are they the same thing? What kind of group are they, one like the Seven Great Demon Lords or the Royal Knights or conversely one like the Daemon Corps or the...
  9. A

    Can you digivolve characters on the xros wars fusion loader?

    Hi, i bought xros wars fusion loader for my son (6) for Christmas. Instructions are all in Japanese. He is convinced he can digivolve characters but he doesn't know how. Can anyone tell me if this is possible and if so how? Thanks x
  10. Velocifaptor

    Digimon Neo-Tamers United: A Charioteer Mode (djdeathspider) Fanfic

    Chapter 1: A New Hero Is Chosen The clock struck ten as Parthasarathi Singh let out yet another yawn, and almost fell off his wooden double-bed. His little brother had already gone for his tennis game, and he knew if he didn’t get up soon, he would be late for his swimming camp. Throwing the...
  11. Alpha-Crimson

    DIGIMON: SHINXROS fanfic development

    So, this'll be my first real post here, and honestly, I'm really hoping to get some good critiques and suggestions on the development of a little fanfic project I have in mind. Basic Background Imagine if you will, that most digital worlds have their form of Yggdrasil present, similar but...
  12. MarcFBR

    Digimon Fusion Season 2 Composer, Length Confusion, and Discussion

    Noam Kaniel, the composer for modern Power Rangers and Digimon, has confirmed via a LinkedIn update that he's the composer for 'Digimon Fusion 2' and that it will run for 25 episodes. The expected length for season 2 of Fusion is 24 episodes (that being the length the second story arc ran for.)...
  13. MarcFBR

    Digimon Fusion on DVD in the USA

    Cinedigm will be releasing Digimon Fusion Season 1 on DVD in the USA on February 10th, 2015. It appears the MSRP will be $45. No boxart yet. No news on if we might get Blu-rays, and the DVDs appear to be dub only. It appears the officially solicited title is "Digimon Season 6: Fusion DVD...
  14. Artystic

    Digimon Fusion - Young Hunters Kai

    Hey guys! Been observing the forums for a while, finally found a reason to register. ***POST IS SUMMARISED AT BOTTOM OF POST*** So about 2 years ago, just after Hunters ended, I decided to edit Hunters into a few feature-length... OVAs, I guess. I called this project "XrosKai" and...
  15. TMS

    Hell's Field

    I was going to put this under General Digimon Discussion, but since Hell's Field only appears in Xros Wars I figured this distastefully named forum would be more fitting. Recently I've been playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and learned that one of the dungeons, the Ancient Cistern...
  16. MarcFBR

    Digimon Fusion Season 2 on Nicktoons

    Digimon Fusion Season 2 was announced by Saban as airing on Nicktoons next year. They made the announcement today at Licensing Expo 2014. No further details at the moment. Thanks to our friends at Rangercrew for the news.
  17. MarcFBR

    Ask Ben Diskin

    Ben has joined the site and has graciously offered to answer any questions people have for him. Seemed relevant to have it in the Announcements/News section for now (although I may move it to Xros Wars later on...) For those that aren't aware Ben is playing Shoutmon and Cutemon in Digimon...
  18. MarcFBR

    Digimon Fusion Trailer and Discussion

    That's what I get for sleeping in 'stretches' We also have confirmation that actor Nicolas Roye is playing Mikey. Previous discussion thread is here.
  19. TMS

    Cameos and Minor Characters in the Mangas

    A while back I went through and made lists of all the Digimon that made cameo appearances in which chapters of the Digimon mangas, and I thought I'd share them here, since some of them aren't noted on the wikis, and other people might take an interest. EDIT: I've been asked to paste the lists...
  20. MarcFBR

    Fusion Discussion, and UPDATE on the Director.

    Based on a post to Ben Diskin's official Facebook fanpage, it appears Mary Elizabeth McGlynn will be the ADR director for Digimon Fusion. This isn't quite confirmed yet, because McGlynn has often worked on early episodes of a show to help get it started, then moved on to something else. It's...