1. MarcFBR

    Digital Monster X Announced, Plus Toy/Game Livestream with X-Antibody Results

    A few different bits of news! https://images.withthewill.net/digimonx1_august20_2018.jpg First up, a new V-Pet! The Digital Monster X (Digimon X) will go up for pre-order on September 14th! Obviously this one will have a decent focus on X-Antibody Digimon, but seemingly will not use the...
  2. MarcFBR

    MonMon Memo on CSA Digivice 1999, Terriermon Plush, and X-Antibody Updates

    Today has been a big day for updates... https://images.withthewill.net/monmon16_digivice1_july27_2018.jpg And it looks like it'll be finished off with a new MonMon Memo! The 16th installment goes over details of a number of announcements that were made today, with Big Dreamer Taoka returning...
  3. DerMond

    Who isn't affected by the X-Virus?

    So I was rewatching the X-evolution movie and question came up. Who isn't affected by The X-Virus? Obviously the Digimon who have X-counterparts are affected (WarGreymon X, Garudamon X, etc.). But what about the Digimon who weren't carrying X-Antibodies (Silphymon, Tyrannomon, etc.)? If they...