1. moo.exe

    Digimon Pendullum Case

    I didn't knew where to post this at alll, but since it was related to a v-pet, i thought i could post it here ! I present to you a project i've been working on ! Since it's my first time messing with 3d modeling, the case's model isn't as pretty... yet it is something ...
  2. Zeigrin

    Looking for D3 restoration resources

    Okay so To be clear what I am trying to do is compile resources to help with the restoration of an original 2000 D3 digivice vpet. The vpet belongs to my wife who bless her soul, has been able to hold onto this thing since we were kids. I lost all my old digivices from back in the day T_T...
  3. E

    Help my v1 vpet please

    I went away for a few days and my nephew desided to take apart my digimon v1 vpet completely the screen and everything I’ve had it since I was a kid and I wanna know can I save it or should I let it Rest In Peace?
  4. digivicemon

    [Sell] Various Digimon Electronics (Digivice, Vpet) | Digimon Figures (GEM, etc)

    Want To Sell [UPDATE: 16-06-2018] Digimon Electronics (A1) Digital Monster Version 4 (D-1 Grand Prix Edition) - $100 Loose | In Good Working Condition | Click here -> [More Details] (A2) Digimon Pendulum Version 2.0 Deep Savers - $40 Loose | In Good Working Condition | Click here -> [More...
  5. MikealXAITamer

    Traited Egg Question: HOW?!

    My pendulum x 2.0 Ryudamaru (DukemonX) left a traitted egg after a Month... its been 3 days and the egg still not hatch just move a little... what to do next?
  6. Airdramon

    Airdramon's Pendulum Cycle Research! 2020 Update!

    I'm back at it in 2020 to help out the Digimon Research Project with finally cracking this weird little vpet. I've been logging my daily findings in Evernote (same as five years ago), but I'm also logging overall findings such as evolution requirements and shake count results in this...
  7. MrPDK

    BUYING - Pendulum X

    Hi all, Are you looking to get rid of some parts of your collection all at once? I may be able to help you out. Trying to get my hands on (without having to pay a ridiculously inflated price): 1) Pendulum X - Version 2.0 - working condition, little to no aesthetic damage - Version...
  8. Airdramon

    How do you raise your vpets?

    So I'm getting back into raising virtual pets again because I've bought a lot more lately for my collection and whenever I get a new one I try not to look at evolution guides and just play how I would naturally just to see what I get for the first life cycle and then use guides and aim for a...
  9. DJHarris4444

    Digimon Twin FAQ thread by DJHarris4444

    (NOTE: this thread will be updated with spoilers once I remember how they work) Hey guys! So I thought I'd start an FAQ thread for the digimon twin even though I don't have all the answers I intended to start with. The way this is gonna work is that I'll start by posting some answers to...
  10. P

    Your favorite Vpet

    What's your favorite vpet? Version? Pendulum? I'm some what new to digimon vpets but I had a tamagotchi for a while growing up. The digimon unlimited app rekindled my interest in vpets and digimon altogether. I was a huge fan of digimon world as well but that's a different topic. So far my...
  11. kensei

    Strange screen deficiency on V1.0 Pendulum.

    Hello there WTW! I have a bit of a problem with my Nature Spirits V1.0 pendulum. I managed to aquire this and a V4.0 Pendulum, both BNIB, before the horror of eBay inflation reared it's head. While the V4 was perfect, the V1 had some weird screen deficiencies that were hidden by the Triceramon...