virtual pet

  1. Scrungo

    Do you think Bandai will release other Digimon V-Pets here in the west?

    Looking at the good sales the Tamagotchi re-release had in the west, Bandai released the Tamagotchi ON, which is basically a model of Tamagotchi that was released in Japan last year called the Meets. I would personally call what Bandai did a test to see if people not in Japan were still...
  2. terranakari

    Can my V-Pet be saved? The answer is YES!!

    EDIT!!! Thank you so much to Bladesabre for making this even possible! But it WORKED! I was able to bring my beyond dead v-pet back to life! Please continue reading if you'd like to follow and read and watch my videos on my adventures of trying to get it fixed! And hopefully you can learn a few...
  3. Airdramon

    How do you raise your vpets?

    So I'm getting back into raising virtual pets again because I've bought a lot more lately for my collection and whenever I get a new one I try not to look at evolution guides and just play how I would naturally just to see what I get for the first life cycle and then use guides and aim for a...
  4. J

    Please help me find this digivice!

    I used to play with this digivice when I was in grade 5/6 and I loved it to death. Now I am trying to buy a new one because I lost it long ago. It had a finger swiping mechanic (There was a scanner at the top of the digivice); the amount of times you swipe determines the kind of attack. I think...
  5. I

    [BUYING] Rakuraku Dinokun/Dinkie Dino Virtual Pet

    Hi, I'm looking for a Rakuraku Dinokun or Dinkie Dino virtual pet. They look like: In either red, yellow, white, or teal colors. NOT the fake ones with "69-in-1" or "100-in-one"...