1. Shadow Shinji

    Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode English Stream by Operation Decoded!

    So, apparently the group of programmers known as Op. Decoded leaded by Romsstar, are performing the first English Let's play! of Digimon World Re: Digitize Decode ever in about an hour, via its Twitch account. This game was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013, but never got its way to the...
  2. TMS

    Tri Memorial Card Set Discussion - Possible Plot Details?

    So I've been going through those cards from the Tri 1st Memorial card set that have been translated on Wikimon, and I noticed a few things that might be of interest, some of which may or may not have a bearing on Tri's plot. Everyone's probably familiar with the fact that Holydramon appears in...
  3. A

    Wonderswan Card game Translated ?

    Hello everyone, I got the Wonderswan card game, it's in Japanese. I was able to figure the purpose of each section in the menu. But i was wondering if there was ever an English Patch. It will make the game much more enjoyable. I know there is translation of cards in Wikimon, but unless you know...
  4. TMS

    Digimental Mistranslation

    Just a sort of little announcement here. I noticed that the "Digimental of Pride" from Tag Tamers was somewhat misleadingly translated. The Digimental's trait is "nodojiman," which specifically refers to pride in one's singing voice. This makes its effect, resistance to sound wave attacks, make...
  5. TMS

    Digimon Game Translation Project: An Idea

    A while back I bought a copy of Digimon Adventure for the PSP and started two save files on it, one in which I simply play through and one in which I attempt to translate the game's dialogue. As might be expected, things are going much, much slower in the second file. I have episode 1 fully...
  6. TMS

    TMS's Digimon World 2 Stuff

    Recently G-SANtos posted pictures in the "Manga Predating V-Tamer" thread ( from Digimon World 2 guides, and I told him I could get more. Turns out that only one of the pictures, showing Prof. Hyotto, Zudokarn, Akira, Ayumi, and Maestro standing together...
  7. TMS

    Digimon Adventure PSP Stuff (Attack Guide Now Up)

    Before long I hope to buy and play through Digimon Adventure for the PSP, as well as buy and translate any player's guide I can get hold of. I hope to do a pretty thorough guide for the game (as thorough as any of my guides get, anyway), and I'll post it here when possible. At the moment I don't...
  8. TMS

    Digimon Championship Translated Digimon Guide

    I stumbled across a Digimon guide for Digimon Championship online and thought I'd take a shot at translating it as I did the Super Xros Wars Digimon guide. So, here it is! A little note here - "Field" indicates what types of arenas and cages are good for that Digimon. The field in italics...
  9. TMS

    Digimon Battle Evolution Player's Guide Pics and Info Guide

    A while ago I did some translations from a guide for Digimon Tamers: Battle Evolution (Rumble Arena in the U.S.), specifically the character names, the descriptive headers for the humans, the Digimon's stats, attack names and strengths, item names, stage names, and a couple of brief comics...
  10. TMS

    Digimon World: Digital Card Arena - Translated Deck Names and Card Guide

    I own two guides for Digimon World: Digital Card Arena (dubbed as Digimon Digital Card Battle), and I've used them to translate the cards in the game and the place and deck names. Unfortunately, both books only cover the first two of the game's three parts, so the guide is somewhat incomplete. I...
  11. TMS

    Digimon World 3 Translated Info Guide, Card Guide, Items, Skills, etc.

    I'm finally posting another of my "translations," for Digimon books, the info from this one being from a Japanese Digimon World 3 player's guide. Among other things, it has stats for various Digimon, the original names for locations and human characters, and a look at the card game. I'm also...
  12. TMS

    Translation help: shikkaimono (しっかいもの)

    Basically, I need to know what しっかいもの, or "shikkaimono" means. It's used in the Digimon World 3 guide I've been translating as a descriptive title for Minori/Kite. I suppose it could mean "all things," but that doesn't really make sense in context.
  13. TMS

    Digimon Adventure 02: D-1 Tamers - Info Guide, Item Chart, Skill Chart, and Photos

    Introduction Here's another of my translations of a Japanese player's guide, this time for Digimon Adventure 02: D-1 Tamers, the third of the four Ryo adventures for Wonderswan, and the only one of the four which we didn't have a guide for until now. The word document contains a list of all...
  14. TMS

    Info Guide for Digital Card Battle (Never-Dubbed Game) and Photos

    Introduction At last, here is the first of my translations of the Japanese Digimon player's guides. This is a guide for Digimon World: Digital Card Battle, a game for the PlayStation that was never dubbed. Its sequel, Digimon World: Digital Card Arena, was dubbed as "Digimon Digital Card...