1. Drac0rex

    Question about Sales Threads

    Hey guys! Hope this is the right place. I have some geek-stuff, mainly handheld games, I'd like to offer up for trade in exchange for vpets and digi-merch. I don't have the post count yet but wanted to make sure I didn't break a rule I didn't see when I get there. Is it acceptable to post...
  2. Eversoris

    [TRADING] Rare Bandai Digimon Red & Blue Minis Version 1!

    I have a pair of Digimon Minis Ver. 1 in mint working condition I would like to trade for either of these: - U.S. Orange Version D2 Digivice - U.S. Neutral Version D2 Digivice Here are some pictures of the Minis: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 They would come as is since I got rid of the...