super xros wars

  1. MarcFBR

    Movie 4 Social Art & Super Xros Wars Photo, Vital Bracelet 'Vintage' Ad, DigiNavi Details, Adventure 1999-2001 BD-Box Preview, & LCD History Update

    It's not a weekend batch of stuff! So much stuff has shown up by midweek it seemed like a good idea to do one of these early. A good number of these will likely also be included with the post on the weekend. Yesterday in Japan (still in the US) was the 20th anniversary of Digimon Adventure...
  2. Shadow Shinji

    Spadamon in the Multiverse of Digimon Xros Wars

    While checking the wikis while ago, I noticed that the Spadamon that appears in Digimon Xros Wars (anime, manga and videogame) is arguably not the same character; interestingly enough, there aren't much similar cases like this before him, so it's sort of a unique example along the franchise...
  3. TMS

    Unique Attacks from Video Games - Discussion

    As I've been going down Wikimon's List of Digimon and updating/correcting/filling in the attack descriptions, I've been noticing that there are some techniques only found in video games and that appear to be unique to a specific Digimon but aren't generally recognized as signature techniques...
  4. TMS

    Super Xros Wars Digimon Guide Translation

    The forum is finally back. This is like Christmas. I had a few housewarming gifts in mind for the new forum, but unforeseen circumstances have limited me to pretty much just this one (for now). I found online a Japanese guide to the obtainable Digimon in Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars, and got...