1. MarcFBR

    Cyber Sleuth Releases Today in the USA, Update- Some bits missing?

    Well, been a long time since we got a full Digimon RPG in quite a few countries (some sites are saying this is the first game in almost a decade, but All-Star Rumble was less than a year and a half ago.) Today is the day our version of Cyber...
  2. M

    MONBATTLE - A post apocalyptic story inspired by Digimon + Pokemon

    Hey guys, Growing up with a love for Pokemon/Digimon/monster capture games, and reading the Pokemon Adventures manga, I have been wanting to write a story that involves humans using monsters as a means of survival , set in 21XX, where earth has been reduced to barren wastelands, and humanity...
  3. Mystipony

    Digital Ends, The Begining (Working Title)

    *While this is a short story in and of itself, I would also like to use it as a base for an RP I wanna start, though if I can't put it here because of that, I'll take it down, just let me know* As Sekai Shinjitsu finishes his current hobby project for coding a world in one of the hundreds...