1. Shadow Shinji

    When was this amazing version of With The Will released?

    I haven't listened to this Chosen Children Ver. of With The Will, although it seems it does sound during the episode 39 of the series, but it looks dope!! So I was wondering when exactly it was released back then, since I have checked out all the Digimon Frontier albums listed in Wikimon and I...
  2. Shikou

    Let's Talk About Dub Music

    Disclaimer: Before I made this topic I did a quick topic search like "music" and "soundtrack" seeing if anybody already made a topic but I cant find it. So if there is one and I didn't see it then I apologize. I was on a Digimon Discord server talking about Digimon music. I shared that I got...
  3. AnonymusC

    Digimon Frontier - Last Element Cover ~

    Hey guys! :) just wanted to know if you like my cover of this song. I used the german version cause it's so nostalgic for me.^^ I think one of the best songs of the digimon soundtrack in terms of instrumentals. :D
  4. MarcFBR

    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth OST in May

    On May 29th the soundtrack for Cyber Sleuth will be released in Japan. MSRP is 3240 yen for the OST which will contain 3 CDs. Here's the track list for the 3 discs: Disk 1: 1. THE CYBER SLEUTH 2. 依頼の时间 3. クーロンを駆ける 4. DIGITAL LABORATORY...