1. Velocifaptor

    Your Original Music

    So I know there are more people like me here who are musically inclined. Why not share your creations here? Knock yourself out, guys. No, I don't mean covers of other bands' tracks, or for that matter any kind of derivative work (except maybe parody or filk music). I'm talking about that love...
  2. Velocifaptor

    What songs would you think would suit tri.?

    Hi guys, so here's sort of a fanboy activity I've got for you all. Visualise Digimon as done by Atsuya Uki. Visualise those flashes from the P/V, and the limited images we have of the OVA. Now think, which songs would suit Digimon Adventure tri.? Or even which ones would you like to hear in it...
  3. Velocifaptor

    Your Favourite Koji Wada Song?

    こんにちわみんな!We all know of the living legend that is Koji Wada (if you don't know him then siriusly, what are you doing on this forum?). So, I'd like to ask you guys, which of his songs do you like the most? I've heard only the Digimon songs (not all of them, though), and the re-fly PV (which might...
  4. Mystipony

    What anime are the songs referanced in my Sig from?

    So I've added a signature to my posts, and I'm just curious who out there can name all the anime that are refferanced first. They are all lyrics to songs in the anime, weither a song in the anime or it's opening/ending. I also tried to make it flow semi coherently. I'm actually a little...