1. P

    If you had the option to play Pokemon Red or Pokemon FireRed, which would you take?

    I always found it jarring that people liked Pokemon RGB over Pokemon FRLG because I feel as though Red and Blue are both dated AND glitchy. It feels like nostalgia is fueling the favoritism over the remakes. What are some of your reasons for choosing one over the other?
  2. Rika24

    Gen 1 Games Coming to Virtual Console 2016

    Not sure how many of you guys know this, but Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow will be available for digital download from the Nintendo eShop sometime in 2016 (hopefully early). I believe the price will be $11 each. So who will be getting at least one game? i know i will, but i'm unsure which to...
  3. Rika24

    Next Game a Gen 1 Remake? (LightningYellow?)

    With the 20th anniversary of Gen 1 coming soon, you know Nintendo is going to do something. But i think it might be too soon for a remake of a remake, so that leaves a possible remake of the combo game, Yellow version. Do you think it's a possibility or do you think they'll just do another...