1. E

    I have a few questions about Digimon APPLI MONSTERS

    1st) Why can't Haru and the others "revive" right away? I mean, we have the robotic bodies, the back-up memory data, Haru, . I need somebody to explain that to me. Also, are we really sure that he's ? I mean, both Haru and seems too happy in the end. 2nd) Which version of Digimon app...
  2. Rosamon

    How strong are Armour Level Digimon?

    The Armour Evolutions don't have an Adult, Perfect, or Ultimate Level, but instead just "Armour Level." What is an Armour Level comparable to in terms of strength? I'm aware that some Digimon are naturally stronger than others at the same Level (Compare a Greymon to a Numemon) and also also that...
  3. ZeroIchi

    Why does the site log me out

    As the title says, the site logs me out VERY quickly when I'm idle for short amount of time, i'd be doing something for a minute come back and find myself logged out. Is this normal or just me?
  4. N

    should i contact kenji watanabe

    i have been mulling around the idea of contacting kenji watanabe (if you dont know he's the chief designer for digimon) using his pixiv for a while now. i want to see if i can convince him to take a commission from me but 2 problums 1. i dont know if he only takes proffessional request (eg...
  5. Sotin

    [QUESTION] Full collection price

    Hey, guys. How much does it cost to buy the full collection of the Hyper Collosseum? Thanks in advance.
  6. kintang

    Question about the originality of my Pendulum Zero

    Hello, I would like to ask for you guys expertise in this matter. You see I've just manage to snag myself a pendulum zero (with a hefty price of course). And when i compare it with my V5.5 pendulum, I notice some difference between them. Here are the list of thing which I noticed when compared...
  7. Noirangel00

    How to post images here!

    Hey guys. I don't know if this just makes me sound silly for not knowing this or not, but can someone please tell me how to post images off of my computer? Whenever I try, it just says to post from a url. I'd like to post some customized Digimon. Thanks guys and gals!
  8. Noirangel00

    Why's he named Guilmon!?!?

    Hey all! I'm a huge fan of digimon and it's no secret that MOST of the digimon have names that relate to something they're based off of or something they do. I was just wondering if someone knew why Guilmon was named so. I thought it was named after the word "guile" (sly and cunning), but that's...
  9. T

    I'm new and have a question about the Pendulum ZERO Virus Busters

    Is there an ENG version of this? The only ones I've seen are JAP. Recently got a 3.0(super happy about it) and a friend of mine wanted a ZERO cos he likes all the Digimon you can get in it(he frothed when he heard Omegamon was in it xD)! Thanks!