1. MarcFBR

    Ghost Game Episode 14 Social Art & Kakudou Comments, Hosoda's Favorite Digimon, & More!

    Time for the weekend batch of stuff! After Digimon Ghost Game episode 14 aired, Digimon Web put up new social art of Koemon and Gammamon playing with the ball from the new episode. The attached message: And it appears director Kakudou directed the episode He mentioned a few bits on...
  2. MarcFBR

    Mini-Partners Project- Digidigi Otedama Part 1 Villains Update- Plush Designs

    An update on the 1st Digidigi Otedama Mini-Partners Project. They thank everyone for all the votes from part 1 in December. They reiterate the winners were Pumpmon, Keramon, and Gotsumon. The designs of the new Digidigi Otedama have been finished, so they are showing them off and reporting on...
  3. MarcFBR

    Mini-Partners Project- Digidigi Otedama Part 2 Armor Level- Vote for Who Gets a Plushie!

    A new Digimon Partners product! When they did the Mini-Partners Project that voted which Villain would get a Digidigi Otedama, they had it labeled as part 1, so we knew a part 2 was likely coming... Mini-Partners Project - Digidigi Otedama Part 2- Armor Level This mini project involves...
  4. MarcFBR

    Mini-Partners Project 1- Digidigi Otedama Part 1 Villain- Vote for Who Gets a Plushie!

    A Digimon Partners product update! As a follow-up to the first project "Let's Make Digimon Goods Together Project" which ended recently, they've announced a new project! Mini-Partners Project 1- Digidigi Otedama Part 1- Villain This mini project involves voting for plushies once again, but...
  5. MarcFBR

    New Crane Game Plushes- Digimon Adventure: Soft Plushies Wakuwaku Pose of Agumon, Tentomon, Piyomon

    Some new Digimon Adventure: plushes! The Digimon Adventure: Soft Plushie- Wakuwaku Pose have been announced. (Wakuwaku in this case meaning excited or happy.) These plushes are each about 5.9 inches tall and feature Agumon, Tentomon, and Piyomon. Each looks happy, putting their hands on their...
  6. MarcFBR

    Adventure: Big Agumon Crane Game Plush

    A new Digimon Adventure: plush! This time it's a big 'mecha size' Agumon plush. This big Agumon plush is about 12.6 inches tall. These are showing up October 19th as prizes at crane games (and other games of skill) at arcades in Japan. It's exclusive to Sega branded games.