1. MarcFBR

    Digimon 20th Pendulum Details, Images, and Pre-Orders!

    Time for the 20th Anniversary Pendulum! The 20th Anniversary Digimon Pendulum is following up on the very popular 20th Anniversary Digimon V-Pets from last year. We finally have a bunch of information about them, so let's get...
  2. terranakari

    Can my V-Pet be saved? The answer is YES!!

    EDIT!!! Thank you so much to Bladesabre for making this even possible! But it WORKED! I was able to bring my beyond dead v-pet back to life! Please continue reading if you'd like to follow and read and watch my videos on my adventures of trying to get it fixed! And hopefully you can learn a few...
  3. C

    Updating the wrong evolution info on Pendulum

    The evolution info on Pendulums on the site is wrong. I thought the correct info had been cleared up sometime back? 1) The second vaccine Perfect does not evolve into the first vaccine Ultimate. In fact it stays Perfect forever (except in ZERO) 2) Depending on the versions, one of the...
  4. W

    Tips Raising an V-1 Pet and a Pendulum

    Hey guys, So I've always had trouble getting my pets to the post-Adult stages as the only two I have are a V.1 and a Pendulum 3.5. I decided to start them up again, with intent of at least getting the 3.5 up to Ultimate (which means I'm stuck with Skullmammon), however I'm already running into...
  5. Airdramon

    Airdramon's Pendulum Cycle Research! 2020 Update!

    I'm back at it in 2020 to help out the Digimon Research Project with finally cracking this weird little vpet. I've been logging my daily findings in Evernote (same as five years ago), but I'm also logging overall findings such as evolution requirements and shake count results in this...
  6. T

    I'm new and have a question about the Pendulum ZERO Virus Busters

    Is there an ENG version of this? The only ones I've seen are JAP. Recently got a 3.0(super happy about it) and a friend of mine wanted a ZERO cos he likes all the Digimon you can get in it(he frothed when he heard Omegamon was in it xD)! Thanks!
  7. shinigami114

    What happened to file island?!!

    hey guys, haven't been on in a couple years, lol. anyways, nice to see you all again. not sure if this is where i'm supposed to post this question, but i tried to get some tips on my new pendulum v-pet today on file island, and the site is down. anybody know's what happened?
  8. L

    [BUYING] Digimon Pendulum originals, possibly V pet's!!

    Hello all, I'm just looking for some good condition, new or used but looked after, Pendulum originals. I'm willing to pay a fair price for them, however nothing extreme. So let me know what you've got and we can negotiate a price! Thank you in advanced for your time, please I'm really...
  9. N

    Can a digimon die in Digimon Neo?

    Recently I bought my first digimon pendulum, Digimon Neo. I chose Gabumon and after a while he had digivolved to Omegamon. I was walking around the house yesterday, occasionally shaking the digivice with the sound turned off. Later I wanted to turn on the sound again and then I saw that my...
  10. Bombfuse

    [SELLING] Digimon Pendulum X Ver. 1

    I have a Digimon pendulum X Ver. 1 that I only opened once. I am now selling it. The device is in perfect condition however the box is mildly damaged. It comes with the comic that go with the pendulum x device! The starting bid price is $60 and the buy it now is $79.99...
  11. P

    Your favorite Vpet

    What's your favorite vpet? Version? Pendulum? I'm some what new to digimon vpets but I had a tamagotchi for a while growing up. The digimon unlimited app rekindled my interest in vpets and digimon altogether. I was a huge fan of digimon world as well but that's a different topic. So far my...
  12. P

    evolution without battling on pendulums?

    I have a v1.5 pendulum and since I don't haven another one or know anyone with one is there anyway to get past adult stage without battling?
  13. alxoldr

    **WTB or TRADE Pendulum 4.5**Selling Some Rare V-Pets/Pendulums! :D

    Hey everybody, it's been a while! I'm pretty much selling my whole collection here and may soon be updating with some figures, but for now, here's what I've got. If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know and I'd be happy to accomodate in whatever way I can. I will combine shipments...
  14. kensei

    Strange screen deficiency on V1.0 Pendulum.

    Hello there WTW! I have a bit of a problem with my Nature Spirits V1.0 pendulum. I managed to aquire this and a V4.0 Pendulum, both BNIB, before the horror of eBay inflation reared it's head. While the V4 was perfect, the V1 had some weird screen deficiencies that were hidden by the Triceramon...
  15. T

    Digivice Pendulum Repair Help

    I was digging through my closet and found my old digimon pendulums. I have 1998 version 1 and version 3. I was so excited and took no time putting in new batteries. To my great disappointment the part that registers movement is not functioning in both of them. I was wondering if there is a way...