one piece

  1. MarcFBR

    Social Art, Kenji Watanabe & Tenya Yabuno Adventure: Episode 8 Art, 20th Ends & Kizuna Leaves Theaters, X-Evo Poster, Card Promo Pack, & More!

    A big stack of stuff for the weekend! With episode 8 of Adventure: having aired, Digimon Web has put up new artwork of Gabumon, wearing a cloak that will look familiar to anyone who watched the episode! The attached message: And then we have new artwork from Kenji Watanabe for episode 8...
  2. Digidestined_GM

    ONE PIECE Chapters discussion/reviews (starting from 765+)

    Hey gang, I decided to start a thread for those reading ONE PIECE, starting from chapter 764. So for those who wish not to be spoil and who wait for the official releases, that thread is not for you. BEWAAAARE!! If you are interested, I also do manga review of ONE PIECE chapters on my Youtube...