1. MarcFBR

    Anime Expo Update- More Digimon Booth Details & Shout Anime Sale w/ Digimon Gifts

    A few DIgimon at Anime Expo updates. First up, at the Bandai Booth, Digimon & Kamen Rider Sub-Booth (Booth 2211) in the exhibition hall. We knew the Digimon 2022 Guide Book would be available there. A few new details from Bandai regarding what will be displayed in the booth though... The...
  2. MarcFBR

    Digivolving Spirits Diablomon & NXEdge Dukemon Pre-Orders are Open!

    Time for a couple new figure pre-orders! First up... Digivolving Spirits #03 Diablomon from Digimon Adventure- Children's War Game. It's been a long time coming for a nice Diablomon figure, but it's finally time to pre-order...