1. KoreeluStromboli

    Mega Man Star Force 4

    I recently paid a visit to Mega Man Knowledge Base and when I scrolled down by accident, I discovered an article for Mega Man Star Force 4. Seeing that there was an article for Mega Man Star Force 4 surprised me because I knew that there was originally going to be a 4th Mega Man Star Force game...
  2. Pimsan

    Ryuusei no Digimon adventure Z and looking for beta readers

    Hiya! I'm pimsan, and i'm new in the withthewill and i'm also a fanfic writer, right now i'm working with a friend of mine on a Digimon x Megman/rockman story with a oc of mine been couple with Hikari. Right now i'm looking for a Beta reader and was wondering if you guys would like to help me...