1. MarcFBR

    New Digimon Product Announcement at Megahobby Expo Plus 2022 Winter

    Megahobby Expo Plus 2022 Winter will be held beginning on January 28th. Digimon figures, especially GEM and Precious GEM have long since been announced at MegaHobby Expos. The teaser page for the expo lists Digimon Adventure under the 'New Item' list, so while we don't know exactly what, new...
  2. MarcFBR

    Megahobby Expo 2021 Online Digimon Stream- Precious GEM Garurumon Battle Version Announced & Paildramon Shown Off

    As previously announced, we have the Digimon stream from Megahobby Expo (2). It had been mentioned as being December 3rd, but it appears that's for a more formal broadcast, with the standalone video released today. Onto the news itself... During the stream Chiaki Matsuzawa and Kenji Watanabe...