1. MarcFBR

    Digimon in November Saikyo Jump- Dreamers Begins, Gammamon Promo Card, Poster, Stickers, & More!

    We have a look at the Digimon content from the November issue of Saikyo Jump. In this issue the manga Digimon Dreamers begins, and Digimon gets a few mentions on the cover. This was advertised as having various bonus' for Digimon fans, stickers, poster, etc. We will not be posted the manga...
  2. MarcFBR

    New Digimon Manga is 'Digimon Dreamers'

    We have details of the new Digimon manga 'Digimon Dreamers' from Tenya Yabuno himself! This is just a few days after getting the official announcement that a new manga was coming from Saikyo Jump. Updated and in color promo art has a different design for the main character. Each chapter will...
  3. MarcFBR

    New Digimon Manga from Tenya Yabuno in Saikyo Jump Beginning Next Month

    News from the newest issue of Saikyo Jump! Tenya Yabuno, artist from C'mon Digimon, Digimon V-Tamer, and the designer of many classic Digimon characters, will be returning for a new Digimon manga! The untitled Digimon manga will begin in the November cover dated issue of Saikyo Jump, out...
  4. MarcFBR

    Large art for more Digimon! From Xros Wars Manga, Appmon, Survive, Heroes, & more!

    Large art for more Digimon! From Xros Wars Manga, Appmon, Survive, Heroes, & more! Time for more art! With the X3 pre-orders having ended, they've continued on doing short profiles and large art on Twitter, this time with a wide...
  5. B

    Digimon media lost to western fans

    As the title suggests is there Digimon media in which the western fan base has almost no clue existed. For instance the thread "manga predating V-Tamer" by user G=SANtos found lots of niche, undiscovered mini manga in a few Digimon guide books, and with things like Digimon Legendary Skies and...
  6. MarcFBR

    Translated Interview Details with Yu Yuen-wong, Creator of various Digimon Manhua

    Another surprise! If you were a Digimon fan back around when the original run of anime was on in the west, there was a decent chance you had, or at least saw, the various Digimon manga releases from Tokyopop. As was often discussed...
  7. MarcFBR

    Hypnos Meeting 2019 Event with Tamers and Xros Wars (Manga) Guests in March

    Another event! We don't always cover the more fancentric events in various countries for a number of reasons, but we do try and go over them occasionally, especially when there are Digimon guests attending/involved...
  8. N

    was metamormon supposed to be mercuremons fusion evolution

    metamormon is a mega level digimon with the ability to scan and copy the form of other digimon with enhanced abilitys this reminded me of what mercuremon/mercurymon could do when inside sakkakumon /sephiromon how he made a dark copy of seraphimon to fight agunimon. this got me thinking that...
  9. Shadow Shinji

    Why I think Young Hunters should be a separate season from Xros Wars *Spoilers*

    So I have decided to make a compilation of all the reasons why Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time should be taken in my opinion as a separate season within the universe of Xros Wars, same as 02 and tri. with respect to Adventure...
  10. MarcFBR

    The 1st Volume of the Digimon Universe: AppliMonsters Manga is Out! Scans & Breakdown

    The 1st Volume of the Digimon Universe: AppliMonsters Manga is Out! Scans & Breakdown The first volume of the Appmon manga is out! This isn't the full volume, just the cover and general contents, much like we do for disks. The embedded files are smaller JPGs from our gallery, so those...
  11. Shadow Shinji

    List of tributes-cameos-nods-references in Digimon Xros Wars (Manga)

    Since I absolutely love the manga of Digimon Xros Wars, I would like to post a quite comprehensive list of tributes-cameos-nods-references that come out in this manga (in case that you haven't read it yet, this section may contain plenty of SPOILERS): ANIME: ADVENTURE: -Taichi, Yamato, and...
  12. Digi_TaKi

    Quick question about these digimon books

    Hello guys, i was looking for random digimon things online to expand my collection, when i came across these books (images below). S So i decided to research these books before i picked them up, and surprisingly i couldn't find any other reference to them online. I just wondered whether...
  13. H

    What happened to Oikawa in the manga?

    Hello again. I'm curious about a thing I read about the Digimon zero two manga. Is it true that Yukio Oikawa does not enter Digiworld, (when very weak), does not meet his new Digimon friend and then transforms into butterflies like in the anime? Heard he just somehow disappears when...
  14. C-MC

    Fan-made Digimon project

    Hey guys so a few weeks ago me and my friend Callum Andrews teased on a Digimon group on facebook and also decided to post it here, that we're gonna announce something on the 9th of January. Well here it is... *drum rolls please* Me and Callum are currently working on a fan made Digimon...
  15. MarcFBR

    Appmon Manga Promotional Image

    Today is when the first Appmon manga officially begins. So they've released a really nice looking promotional image/poster. Digimon Universe: AppliMonsters is the manga counterpart to the upcoming anime series. The manga is...
  16. prismblack91

    I been trying to do a Digimon fanfic.

    I want my fanfic to be a revision/retake of the lesser talked about things of the Digimon series like the V-pets, Manga's, and Video Games. The thing is that I want to be mostly oc base [most of them being minor expies of canon characters] partnered with lesser know/used mons with fan...
  17. prismblack91

    Does anyone read the Digimon manga's?

    Since I see most of everyone talk about the anime and games lately so much, I was wondering if anyone read the manga's like V-Tamer, Next, and Xros Wars. Anyone want to compare them to the games and anime?
  18. prismblack91

    Digimon Xros Wars/Fusion: Anime vs Manga

    As a fan of the Xros Wars/Fusion anime (and maybe one of the few fans that can stand it) I kind of enjoyed what this series had to offer but thought in kind of fell flat abit. Then I saw the manga version when it was finally translated and was amaze of a different it made compare to the...
  19. prismblack91

    Im abit new here, so hey.

    I'm Prismblack91 a normal Digimon fan mostly in anime and manga, not so much the games. My favorite mangas are V-Tamer, Next, and Xros Wars [which i prefer over the anime] and i been trying to find fans of them.
  20. Shadow Shinji

    Amazing tribute to Digimon!

    Apparently, it was made by a fan to commemorate the last Odaiba Memorial Day. The video takes us through the different generations of Digimon (including anime, manga and video games) by a selection of incredible fan arts. Enjoy it! :)