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  1. Velocifaptor

    What Digimon series/universe do you think would make a really good TV show

    Okay, so this is continuing from my thoughts on the ensemble cast announcement thread for the new Digimon Adventure tri. stage play, and how cool it would be to have a Riverdale-like TV series (though probably not all that edgy) for tri. So, that got me thinking, what Digimon series or universe...
  2. M

    DIGIMON Fan-Film Live Action

    Here the two test video for this live action! And this is the new trailer! Please help us! Share it with your friends, every help is precious for us!
  3. D

    How you picture a Digimon Adventure live-action movie series?

    Take a look at these:
  4. Velocifaptor

    Digimon Live Action TV Series

    So I was going through a post the other day on the WtW forum about how one would theoretically go about making a live-action Digimon movie, and after reading like half of it, it became clear to me that a movie would be pointless. However, I'm writing a fanfiction series, starring me and my...