live action movie

  1. Rohan

    Legendary to make a Live Action Gundam movie!? Poor G-Saviour, looks like his daddy doesn't love him. :rolleyes: But in all seriousness, I am cautiously optimistic. I hear Legendary have made good LA films and the fact that Sunrise is co-producing it and how they...
  2. C-MC

    The live action Detective Pikachu movie has official started filming today So the live action detective pikachu movie has officially started production and filming as of today and it's expected to last until May. The release date of the movie is May 10th 2019
  3. C-MC

    Ghost In The Shell live action movie

    The Ghost In The Shell movie is premiering in 2 days starring Scarlett Johansson as Motoko Kusanagi (The Major)... who's excited to go see the movie ??? It's got some favorable reviews from the critics over at Rotten Tomatoes and MetaCritic with 65-70 % so it's generally pretty good but IMO I...
  4. C-MC

    Legendary Pictures aquired the rights to the live action Pokemon movie

    Update: A live action Pokemon movie has been officially greenlit and that Legendary Pictures aquired the rights to it and apparently it's gonna be a Detective Pikachu flick Here's my little rant about it: WHY??! :( Max Landis later stated...
  5. C-MC

    Pokèmon live action movie

    For about 3 months now there's been a word about a live action pokemon movie being made in Hollywood and that Warner Bros, Legendary and Sony Pictures are in a bidding war to take the rights of the film. What are your thoughts on it? Honestly I'm a pokemon fan too so I can't wait for it it's...