1. DerMond

    Japanese Digimon Cards

    There's a small number of cards that I would actually like to buy. Do you guys know of any retailers that sell Japanese cards? Ebay and Amazon are my usual but the cards I'm looking for aren't there or are in lots that are too much for me to want to buy. I'm looking for some starter cards, maybe...
  2. T

    I'm new and have a question about the Pendulum ZERO Virus Busters

    Is there an ENG version of this? The only ones I've seen are JAP. Recently got a 3.0(super happy about it) and a friend of mine wanted a ZERO cos he likes all the Digimon you can get in it(he frothed when he heard Omegamon was in it xD)! Thanks!
  3. TMS

    Translation help: shikkaimono (しっかいもの)

    Basically, I need to know what しっかいもの, or "shikkaimono" means. It's used in the Digimon World 3 guide I've been translating as a descriptive title for Minori/Kite. I suppose it could mean "all things," but that doesn't really make sense in context.
  4. P

    Japanese version ("Hyper Colloseum") battle issue

    Me and a friend got a Japanese starter deck and we're confused as to how battle works. We've played the American version and know how that works (red, blue, yellow being better than each other blah blah) and we get that A, B and C are meant to be in a rock-paper-scissors situation, but looking...