1. Laasko

    Moin! From Germany!

    We say Moin in Hamburg! And Aloha DigiWorld! This is actually the first time ever for me, that I write something in the introduction section of any Forum ;) So yeah, my name is Laasko in real life Luca and I am a Tamer from northern Germany. I'm glad that I found this Forum, did you guys know...
  2. Rosamon

    Hello everyone! <3

    Hi! I'm Rosa! I actually just wrote pretty much everything I would have put here in my bio, so... oops! Regardless I can't wait to get engaged with the community! I'm not very up to date on Digimon, as I've never finished 02 before, but I do plan on watching every season eventually. My...
  3. ZeroIchi

    Hello Digidestined

    Hello i'm ZeroIchi, a HUGE Digimon fan who has been following and consuming the series since he can remember. I first (earliest memory) discovered Digimon through the V-Tamer manga and the Digimon Tamers show. My parents had some cable thingy that wasn't from the "big companies" and it was...
  4. noirenotorious

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi guys, Not sure how to start this but I've been a huge Digimon fan since I was a kid and I've recently got back into the fandom. I'm currently catching up with all the old seasons as I stopped at the end of Digimon Tamers ;_; I know, LOTS of catching up to do! I'm also working my way through...
  5. S


    Hey, call me Sal... like you all, I'm a fellow digimon fan, from London, UK. I call myself a digimon fan although it has been an awfully long time since I've watched digimon. Between the ages of 9-11 (I'm 18 now) I watched adventure 1 and 2, tamers, frontier, savers and xros wars. The digimon...
  6. rotcivsette

    I'm surprised I actually never participated in this forum...

    I'm Victor, also known as SE77E or Sette. I'm a brazillian game developer and a HUGE Digimon fan. I've watched every season, played almost every western released game and everytime I want Digimon content, I come here. But surprisingly, I actually never participated. So I want to change this by...
  7. Jaybird C


    So, I'm new. There's gotta be a less dull way to bring that up, but such play with words currently escapes me. (It's late, I'm tired, and nobody's paying me to wordsmith at the moment). I look forward to not getting along with anyone having insightful discussions about digital monsters with...
  8. B

    Am I...Going Digital

    completely digital~
  9. BeelzebubBlastMode

    Wassup? :D

    Hello everyone, how y'all doing? I'm 16 and been a digimon fan when I was 6 (crazy, ikr?). Those were the days when I came home from school, turned on the television, digimon season 3 was airing, and I got dissolved into the series. Used to have a D Arc digivice (lost it ._.") And some action...
  10. Cosmic Newt

    I have no ideas for an interesting intro topic title so have this instead

    I had like, six quotes I was gonna use a title but all of them were incredibly cheesy... Anyways, I'm Cosmo! Just to head things off a little; no, there's no Wanda and no, I can't grant wishes. With that out of the way... I'm currently a nineteen-year old (soon to be twenty!) freeloader trying...
  11. Anna___

    A hello from a tamer from economic chaos!

    Hello! I am new here, pleased to make acquaintances! I am from Economic/Historical/LazyChaos (also known as lil' ol' Greece). I hope to get along with everybody!(<--- likes to start arguments)
  12. Aardwulf

    Why hello there.

    Hey all, nice to be here. I joined WTW in 2010 and have done nothing substantial here thus far, but with Tri coming out I thought it would be nice to be part of a community again to enjoy it with, so I dusted off my account and decided to make a proper entrance. I've been a Digimon fan for the...
  13. Vixonmon

    Hey everyone!

    Nice to meet you. I picked this name because it is the name of my fanmade Digimon. Vixonmon is basically a virus type Renamon of sorts. She evolves into Youkomon, then Daomon, then Kuzuhamon all of which are official characters, Vixonmon is the only one I made up. I have loved Digimon for over...
  14. G


    Tried signing up back during the Xros Wars days(was a lurker before that) but it required admin approval for some reason and that never happened. Then WTW went down. Looks like it let me register finally though. :D So me... I'm GsMumbo, I've run many forums in my time(everything from moderator...