hatsune miku

  1. MarcFBR

    Hatsune Miku x Digimon Adventure Collaboration Items Available to order Online

    This is an update a few people have been waiting for... https://images.withthewill.net/miku_adventure_onlineshop_0art_december25_2019.png The products from the Hatsune Miku x Digimon Adventure collaboration pop-up shops are being made available online at Premium Store. The items are all...
  2. MarcFBR

    New Information on Digimon x Hatsune Miku Collaboration! Song Tomorrow & New Art!

    Time for some updates on this! https://images.withthewill.net/mikucollaboration1_september1_2019.jpg It's been quite awhile since the Hatsune Miku and Digimon Adventure 20th Collaboration was announced, and after a few smaller updates, we have a decent amount of new stuff! A good amount of...
  3. MarcFBR

    Hatsune Miku Agumon Costume version Nendoroid Figure Announced

    A surprise figure announcement. https://i.imgur.com/yGmWkFI.png With more details being announced for the Digimon x Hatsune Miku collaboration in a few days it appears something slipped out a hair early! A nendoroid figure! (And I think this is the first Digimon related one?) It's Hatsune...
  4. MarcFBR

    Updated Hatsune Miku Collaboration Info, Butter-Fly Cover

    Update! https://images.withthewill.net/20thdigimonmiku_march5_2019.jpg We found out about the Hatsune Miku collab a few months ago, and at DigiFes updates were given. One of the major elements is what everyone guessed, Hatsune Miku singing Butter-Fly. Part of the song was played for those at...
  5. MarcFBR

    Adventure 20th Collaboration with Hatsune Miku, New Art by Uki Atsuya!

    A bit of fun news! https://images.withthewill.net/20thdigimonmiku_march5_2019.jpg There will be a collaboration between the Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary and Hatsune Miku! A collaborative illustration was revealed showing of artwork by tri. character designer Uki Atsuya, who has also...