fanfic idea

  1. CrimsonMarvel

    Fan Pitches

    Pitches for a Digimon product you would like to see. I would like to see a joined 01 and 02 cast Series. Give the 02 kids some good character development, Aside from ken (and a little bit Iori?) most got left behind in that department. Or a game that takes place after cyber sleuth where most...
  2. prismblack91

    I been trying to do a Digimon fanfic.

    I want my fanfic to be a revision/retake of the lesser talked about things of the Digimon series like the V-pets, Manga's, and Video Games. The thing is that I want to be mostly oc base [most of them being minor expies of canon characters] partnered with lesser know/used mons with fan...
  3. AlphaEndForce

    Digimon Adventure Tri Fanfiction Discussion

    Hey guys, I've been thinking of writing my own version of Adventure Tri's first film 'Reunion' and building on elements that seem to be happening in the second film 'Determination'. It would definitely expand on the events of Tri so far, as well as adding in my own stuff. Such as the famous...