1. Shadow Shinji

    Share your Favourite Digimon unreleased Themes

    As we all much know, one of the most extraordinary things Digimon has are its Original Soundtracks, and its music in general, in both the anime and videogames. Unfortunately enough, as for now, there are many themes that hasn't been released in the form of a single or an album, for many...
  2. theundersigned

    Digimon V-Pet fangame for PC (alpha)

    DVPet Alpha Guide About the Game DVPet is a Java fan-game application for the PC based on the original Digimon V-Pets and Digimon World games. It is a pet simulator, designed to emulate the look and feel of the original Digimon vpets with a greater emphasis on pet raising mechanics...
  3. E

    Houston, TX Digimon Fan Club

    after seeing several digimon fans at the premiere of the Digimon Tri dub in North Houston. I was hoping if people in Houston were interested in forming a official fan club. I would suggest two monthly meetings where we can gather, discuss news, information, fan art, watch our favorite episodes...
  4. MarcFBR

    Digimon Celebration This Saturday In Pittsburgh

    Some of you might have seen this mentioned elsewhere on the forum, but thought I'd mention it here since it's this weekend. Digimon Celebration is a one day (unofficial) Digimon event being held at the Victory Pointe Gaming Lounge in Pittsburgh. The...