1. Vande

    20th Anniversary V-Pet Thread Discussion Tips Etc

    As the 20th Anniversary V-Pet is due to hit soon. It is time for a helpful tips/discussion thread to happen. When you receive yours/find information that is verified feel free to post. Things such as full Digimon lists, evolution guides (i.e how many battles to Perfect, Training to Adults...
  2. N

    In search of examon cards

    So ive been searching for a while but i cant seem to find any examon cards anywhere šŸ˜“ Anyone here got one to sell?
  3. Grovyle48

    A Dragon in Shining Armour (Digimon)

    Rated PG-15 for descriptive violence, some language, and mature themes. This is a story about the Royal Knights and Examon in particular, focusing initially on his joining of the order. It takes place in an original universe with original characters. There aren't and won't be any humans in the...