1. B

    20th Anniversary Pendulum discussion thread

    As these are shipping soon, time to get started! I'll edit later as we find things out. Humulos beginner guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10HukeMP3nDdTF1Npc3u_HGDe5BUUba6ICkgqSfkJFpU/edit Humulos evolution guide...
  2. C

    Updating the wrong evolution info on Pendulum

    The evolution info on Pendulums on the site is wrong. I thought the correct info had been cleared up sometime back? 1) The second vaccine Perfect does not evolve into the first vaccine Ultimate. In fact it stays Perfect forever (except in ZERO) 2) Depending on the versions, one of the...
  3. prismblack91

    The appmon giving evolution linesl?

    The series is about to start soon, so I thought to give this thread a go. Which one of the appmon you would give an evolution line?
  4. kasia_aleksa

    The perfect real digivice

    That we could make in the real world would: 1. Emit a strong beam of light (most important feature, could be the only feature) 2. Have a GPS that activates when other digivices are near (great bonus feature) 3. Have a USB stick that folds out (could be useful) So.... How much would it cost...
  5. Vande

    Random Commentary on Evolutionary Relationships V.3

    Continuation of this thread. Last Post Old thread was showing at 180 pages for me. Prolly more or less for others due to personal settings. Off you go again :) Edit by TMS, April 20, 2017: Here's a link to Exodd's list of all evolutions that have been suggested in the Random Commentary...
  6. P

    Evolution scenes: multiple language dubs!

    Bumped into this back in January, but I found it a hoot: Imperialdramon's evolution in TEN different dubs! It's so odd to hear the different interpretations on the voices. Some put much more emphasis towards a literal, monstrous voice. And here's some more I sniffed out: All Digimon Adventure...