1. donald

    【The secret of the Digivice 15th】Anybody who found it?

    Some one fond a crest of courage in his digivice 15th! He is confused, too. When he get this, he already got all the partner digimons, all of them are able to digivolve to the top, all of them beat themselves once. But there might be some other requirements. No one know how to get it. And what's...
  2. MarcFBR

    Digimon Adventure Anime Design Digivice Being Released in Japan

    The website isn't up yet, but because of an image we know there will be a new digivice release. http:///images.withthewill.net/original_digivice.jpg I did quick color correction to the original image to make it look slightly more accurate to what it probably looks like. The internals will be...
  3. J

    Please help me find this digivice!

    I used to play with this digivice when I was in grade 5/6 and I loved it to death. Now I am trying to buy a new one because I lost it long ago. It had a finger swiping mechanic (There was a scanner at the top of the digivice); the amount of times you swipe determines the kind of attack. I think...
  4. T

    Just got a Japanese D-3 and need some help.

    So i just got a white/blue D3 Digivice off of eBay, without realizing it was not English. Its is a Japanese Version. I was hoping that someone here could give the translations so that i may be able to enjoy this game before it comes in. Thank You Very Much
  5. D-Net Savior

    International Shipping

    I was thinking about getting a D-Ark soon and I was wondering, if I win a Japanese bid, do I pay systems like Buyee in USD and they convert it to yen to pay the seller?
  6. L

    Digivice Ver. 15 Observations

    With the rationale that documentation being made sooner rather than later, I figured that a thread for people to record observations of things they've seen in the new digivice could be useful. I started with gomamon and found tentomon and palmon on file island, then tailmon in area one of the...
  7. Jrevell13

    Just bought Digimon products need information

    If anyone could give me some info and/or answer my questions I would be grateful i just bought a digivice d2 clear white colour mint condition no box just device, Japanese d3 v3 paildramon colour mint in opened box and a d arts wargreymon figure opened in box and was just wondering if I paid to...
  8. L

    How do I get back digimon on my US d-power after Impmon takes them away?

    I was playing with my US d-power (which I just got) and my Terriermon was taken away by Impmon after I lost a battle. Is there a way to get Terriermon back? I am currently in area one of map one. thanks.
  9. M

    Anyone know what the computer is on a D-Ark (US)

    So, I finally got my D-Ark Digivice from season 3. I love it!! However, I do have a question (and yes, I checked FileIsland first....nothing). When walking, it starts to beep as if I have encountered a digimon to battle (beeping is more cheerful, so maybe like when you find another Digimon)...
  10. R

    What are the colors available for the Digivices? [ Frontier, D-Power, D-3 & D2 ]

    Anybody know what are the colors available for the mentioned season digivices? I do know of the limited edition HK D-tector but how many colors variant did HK release in addition to the colors of series 3 & 4? 1. For D-Power, there are only 3 main colors & a golden color + a purple Impmon...
  11. Eversoris

    [TRADING] Rare Bandai Digimon Red & Blue Minis Version 1!

    I have a pair of Digimon Minis Ver. 1 in mint working condition I would like to trade for either of these: - U.S. Orange Version D2 Digivice - U.S. Neutral Version D2 Digivice Here are some pictures of the Minis: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 They would come as is since I got rid of the...
  12. DorgenHaser

    [Buying] Digimon Adventure Digivice 2.5 Silver/Gray

    Hello guys. As the title says, I'm looking for a Digimon Adventure Digivice 2.5 Silver/Gray color with black buttons. Any language will be fine. There's no need for it to be new nor with it's original box/instructions. I don't even mind about scratches, rusty metal parts or dusty buttons If the...
  13. D

    D-Gather Exclusive 24*32 sprites

    I first thought all those 24*32 Digimon sprites in the database are from Japanese digivices, but I found some of them are different from the 24*32 sprites shown in Wikimon, while some of the digimon the sprites depicted actually has no 24*32 Digimon sprites recorded. Therefore I wanna do a...
  14. cursednaruto

    Season 1 Digivice Version 2/2.5 help

    how do i get other digimon i basically been doing every thing because im scared i will do the wrong thing do i shake, do i press enter, do i press menu button or do i do all 3 never mind found its the menu button god damn trial and error
  15. J

    Help!! I lost d-ark spring to pendulum!!

    I was trying to repair my Japanese Version 2 D-Ark, but in the process, a spring flew out and I'm trying to find it. It connected to the pendulum and actually electrically connects to the step counter so it's impossible to use the digivice without it. I've been googling "hair spring" and "fine...
  16. MissVTheLoser

    [Selling] Digivice D-power/D-ark Ebay

    Hi, I know I'm new but I'm going to use Ebay for this to make it more trusting. So I'm selling a Japanese and English D-power links below. English one http://www.ebay.ca/itm/151184040893?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Japanese one...
  17. N

    Can a digimon die in Digimon Neo?

    Recently I bought my first digimon pendulum, Digimon Neo. I chose Gabumon and after a while he had digivolved to Omegamon. I was walking around the house yesterday, occasionally shaking the digivice with the sound turned off. Later I wanted to turn on the sound again and then I saw that my...
  18. S

    Selling a lot of 6 North American digivices (3 DTectors, 3 D3s)

    http://www.ebay.ca/itm/190882633773?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Been collecting these, but need the money and these need to go. Lot comes with: 2 Digimon Digivice D3 V1 1 Digimon Digivice D3 V2 1 Digimon Digivice D-Tector V1 2 Digimon Digivice D-Tector V2 I can...
  19. L

    Digivice iC Shops & Connection Events

    So I'm trying to get all of the evolutionary items on the iC (I'm on a 201,) but I'm not sure how the bonus shops work. I know there's the Connection shop, and so far I've unlocked Digishops 13 & 14 in connectivity, that has Marine Angemon's item at half price and some other stuff, and a mini...
  20. Bombfuse

    [SELLING] Digimon Pendulum X Ver. 1

    I have a Digimon pendulum X Ver. 1 that I only opened once. I am now selling it. The device is in perfect condition however the box is mildly damaged. It comes with the comic that go with the pendulum x device! The starting bid price is $60 and the buy it now is $79.99...