1. MarcFBR

    Full Results for Favorite Favorite Digimon LCD Toy

    About a month ago, the official Digimon site put up a poll for people to vote for their favorite Digimon LCD toy (Digivice, V-Pet, CSA prop, etc.) They put up the various items released in Japan and asked everyone to vote once. The poll closed a bit ago and we have the results! The top result...
  2. MarcFBR

    Digimon Adventure: Digivice: Info, Images, and Pre-Order Details

    After a bit of a wait, and only a couple days before the show is back, we finally have details for the Digimon Adventure: Digivice:! It's an adventure/quest based LCD toy, and let's have a look at what they are advertising it as having... Point 1- New Design. This is Digivice:! The design...
  3. MarcFBR

    Official Poll for Favorite Digimon LCD Toy

    Digimon Web has opened a new fan vote. This time the vote is to celebrate the 3 Digimon Pendulum Z V-Pets being up to pre-order. Among the Digimon LCD toys that were released in the past, which is your favorite? They mention you can read about the choices on the History of LCD Toys page on...
  4. MarcFBR

    Digimon in August V-Jump- Card Game Booster Set 2 Preview, Precious GEM Imperialdramon, ReArise, Pendulum Z & Digivice:

    It's time for the Digimon content from the August 2020 cover dated issue of V-Jump We'll add additional translations where needed later, this issue overall is mostly straightforward, although with some fun previews First up is the Digimon Card Game. We get a 2 spread spread going over purple...
  5. Amby

    Digivice Version 2 (Kari’s) Help Getting Gatomon

    I’ve cleared all 7 areas and got a Digimon from each area except the 7th. I still need to find Agumon, but do I keep doing the 7th area over and over? Once I get him, is that when I get Gatomon? Will I need to find her randomly too?
  6. Shadow Shinji

    D-Spirit Ver.1 & 2 Release date?

    I'm trying to compile some information in order to add it to Wikimon. Does anyone know when exactly these two Digivices from Bandai Asia were released?
  7. Amby

    Replacement screws for Digivice and Pendulum?

    I lost a screw to my Pendulum, and that doesn’t bother me too much but I just lost the screw on my Season 1 Digivice and I’m pretty upset about it :/. Any ones I’ve tried around the house and eye glass repair kit ones don’t come close to fitting. Anybody lose a screw before? Any luck finding...
  8. Shadow Shinji

    Japanese D-Scanner Alternate Version

    I've seen several times this sort of Japanese D-Scanner on Twitter, and I was wondering if anyone know what are these ones about, or it is any kind similar to the official D-Scanner Digivice toy line that was released back then in 2002. At any rate, it seems that this ones are not playable I...
  9. D

    digimon accel dead preventation

    do anyone know how to prevent digimon accel dead..??
  10. Shadow Shinji

    Meicoomon in the Digivice Ver.15th

    I've just seen in the Digimon wikia that Zubamon is confirmed to have a full evo line up to Durandamon in the re-release of the Digivice Ver.15th (WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon color) that was recently released; since Zubamon and Meicoomon were the exclusive Digimon for this versions, does...
  11. Inklog

    A new kind of Digivice

    Morning to everyone, as a great fan of Digimon series, I started since child to play with hand made digivice with my friends and as soon I discovered ebay I started to buy and collect digivices (when the prices weren't so crazy xD). After several years, I thought that what I had built as a...
  12. D

    digivice pendulum progress and digivice mini save feature?

    do digivice pendulum progress ver 3 and digivice mini ver 1,2,3 has save feature? why when i reset the digivice it start all over again?
  13. digivicemon

    [Sell] Various Digimon Electronics (Digivice, Vpet) | Digimon Figures (GEM, etc)

    Want To Sell [UPDATE: 16-06-2018] Digimon Electronics (A1) Digital Monster Version 4 (D-1 Grand Prix Edition) - $100 Loose | In Good Working Condition | Click here -> [More Details] (A2) Digimon Pendulum Version 2.0 Deep Savers - $40 Loose | In Good Working Condition | Click here -> [More...
  14. S

    Want to Buy D-Tector Version 4 NA/EU

    Hi. Im looking for a D-Tector Version 4 NA/EU . Lightly Used at best. At worst they need to work and not be horribly damaged. Used condition is fine, please no missing pieces. Screen should turn on. Sound should work. All prices negotiable (with in reason) and will be payed through PayPal...
  15. U

    Opened up D-Ark for cleaning, can't close it back up....

    I'm positive it put it back correctly, but it won't power on. I opened it up to clean the inside, the plastic screen and sticky buttons, which I do with all new digivices I buy. Maybe I'm putting back the wrong screw in certain spots? At this point I can't recall the correct orientation for the...
  16. R

    Lost my JPN D-3 pendulum's wire.

    As the title says, I happen to have a black D-3 japanese version that I bought like a couple of years ago. It's the 2000's one, full black. Some days ago I picked it up to use it again and the pendulum was flawing... I decided to check it up and I saw the little pendulum wire a little loose...
  17. floof

    First Digivce: Is Getting a Digivice iC Burst a Good Idea?

    Hello there! So I've been contemplating getting a Digivice iC: Burst, but I've never really had too much experience with V-Pets/Digivices. I'm a really big fan of the Gaomon line (albeit having never seen Savers), and I like the physical appearence of the iC: Burst much better than the style...
  18. S

    [WTB] Black D2/2.0

    Hi, I'm looking to buy this particular Digivice: I have seen it in Black on Ebay and Amazon a few times, but not in a while. Sometimes it says 2/2.0, sometimes 2.5, doesn't matter as long as it's working and warp Digivolves. I guess it's a given that I'm asking for a working one. I'm trying to...
  19. T

    [WTB] Looking for D-Spirit Version 2

    I'm looking for a D-Spirit Version 2 like the one pictured below. While the Black/Silver version is preferred, I'm interested in any and all offers. Any information on where I could find one would also be appreciated.
  20. MarcFBR

    2nd Wave of 20th Anniversary V-Pet Colors... and Updated 15th Digivices!

    FIrst up... we have some new information on something we found out about awhile ago. http:///images.withthewill.net/20th_vpet_wave2_may2_2017.jpg We have a much better look at the 2nd wave of 20th V-Pets! Also, they've revealed what the new colors are: Alphamon, Zubamon, and Omegamon. The...