digital art

  1. Phi

    I made a Cherubimon (Virtue) X

    Hello there, this is my first post in WTW, im from Chile. When i saw the new Cherubimon(Vice) X, i had the idea of made this version. Hope you like it. :o
  2. Velocifaptor

    Velocifaptor's Fan Edits and Krita/Mobile Art

    Yeah, I know I sort of made a thread for my artwork a while ago, but seeing as I've lost most of those images, owing to an oversight in linking Facebook images to a post here, I'm making a new thread here, as I don't have the patience or the time to clean up my old thread. First up, some fan...
  3. Velocifaptor

    Velocifaptor's Random Art And Recolours

    Hey guys! Here is some random 'art' by me, with no fixed theme in particular. First up is my attempt at digital art with Krita. A Pikachu head! Next is something I designed long back in MS Paint. A template for the Digivice XJA...