1. MarcFBR

    Digimon Card Battle 40- Cast Member Focus, Match, Special Guest, plus Aldamon and KaiserGreymon Previews

    Digimon Card Battle is back with episode 40! This week Digimon Card Battle has a focus on one cast member, letting people get to know the cast better. And later there might be a special guest... To fit the theme the cast member who has focus battles against a team member...
  2. MarcFBR

    Poll Results for Which Gold Digimon is Your Favorite?

    A bit ago, the official Digimon site put up a poll for which gold Digimon is your favorite? Recently the poll closed and we have the results! And the winner is... Magnamon! The full results they gave was a chart showing the percentages. They also showed the standard reference book art...
  3. MarcFBR

    Digimon Card Battle 39- Matches & Cherubimon Vice Preview

    Digimon Card Battle is back with episode 39! Due to technical issues with Youtube, it launched on Youtube a day later than it normally did (launching 'early' on a few platform.) With the hustle and bustle of other things putting up the article got delayed. The episode has noticeable video...
  4. MarcFBR

    Digivice V & Ghost Game Dim Card Pre-Orders Open

    The Digivice V and related Dim Cards are up to pre-order! Amazon Japan has been an easy and reasonably affordable way to import Vital Bracelets and Dims in the past, and it's the one we tend to recommend the most. The V and Gammamon Dim Card are out October 2nd, while the other Dim Set is...
  5. MarcFBR

    Ghost Game Characters- Hiro, Ruri, and Seishirou

    The product page for the Angoramon and Jellymon Dim Cards gives us a couple of details for their partners and a page on Amazon has added the main character. Gammamon is partnered with Hiro (center.) Angoramon is partnered with Ruri (on the left). Jellymon is partnered with Seishirou (on the...
  6. MarcFBR

    August 2021 Digimon Calendar- Digimon Stuff in August

    The August Digimon Calendar has been uploaded! 'Digimon Calendar' will be delivered at the beginning of each month to allow easy 'at a glance' Digimon updates for what is coming up. Digimon Calendar contains 2 sections... The actual calendar, which is quick at a glance details. (Dates/days...
  7. MarcFBR

    Dim Card Set EX2 Digimon Tamers- Images, Evolution Tree, & Pre-Order Details

    After being announced at DigiFes we have details of Dim Card Set EX2, featurin Digimon Tamers for the 20th Anniversary of the anime. They're very nice looking Dims, featuring anime art on the frame, and the D-Ark color on a white Dim. Plus we have the (almost) full lineups! Dim...
  8. MarcFBR

    Vital Bracelet Series Updates- Trailer, Digivice V, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Compatibility Details, & More

    After a big chunk of teasers, the VB Series has been formally announced. The expansion of the Vital Bracelet will include multiple things, so plenty go over... There are now 3 devices in the Vital Bracelet line. The original Vital Bracelet Digital Monster is sticking around as is...
  9. MarcFBR

    Ghost Game Updates- Digivice V Sleep Mode & VB Used Dims, Digimon Stickers, Mention of Importance of Brand In & Out of Japan

    A few different Ghost Game related updates thanks to Famitsu... First up, some Digivice V news! (Previous info here.) Somewhat obvious, but they confirm this is the Digivice that will be used in Ghost Game. For the device itself, while it looks the same as the Vital Bracelet...
  10. MarcFBR

    More from DigiFes- Digimon Tamers Dim Cards & Card Game Booster EX02- Digimon Tamers, plus DigiFes Product Video

    A few more things from DigiFes that we had previously been waiting for imagery and confirmation of. First up, Dim Card Set EX2- Digimon Tamers. This will feature the 3 lead Digimon from the anime and cost 3,300 yen. Pre-orders should be opening shortly, and we'll detail them more when that...
  11. MarcFBR

    Ghost Game Vital Bracelet Digivice V & New Dim Cards, Ad and Images

    With Ghost Game formally announced and starting soon, the deluge of information is likely to begin... And it starts off with the Digivice V ad a bit early. Update- A bit added to the bottom. The Digivice V will be released under Vital Bracelet branding. Based on the image, it...
  12. MarcFBR

    New Megahouse Figures- Adventure 02 GEM Paildramon & 'Look Up' Agumon & Tailmon, & Beelzebumon Rerelease

    Figure news! A popular choice in an old GEM vote, Paildramon from Digimon Adventure 02 is getting a GEM Figure! And then... Megahouse will be releasing a new line of Digimon figures tagged as 'Look Up', with cutesy designs. Agumon and Tailmon are being designed now. Last up... The...
  13. MarcFBR

    Digimon "02" Announced at DigiFes

    "02" was announced at DigiFes and we have a teaser trailer, which has English subtitles. The trailer is narrated by Daisuke. Since it's subtitled, we'll let you watch it to see what story elements are teased. Tomohisa Taguchi is directing again and Akatsuki Yamatoya is writing again, so two...
  14. MarcFBR

    Digimon: Ghost Game Announced at DigiFes

    Ghost Game was just announced at DigiFes. Thanks to onkei for the image. Updated- Large clean version of the poster. Large clean art of the 3 new Digimon... Update- The Ghost Game site has opened. Nothing interesting so far. It did have the assets separated for the logo and poster...
  15. MarcFBR

    Card Game 'My Deck' Coming Soon- System to Register Favorite Decks & Post to Social Media

    Just announced is the upcoming 'My Deck' for the Digimon Card Game. It allows you to register your favorite card game deck, to save them, show them off on social media, and simulate an initial hand. More details to come.
  16. MarcFBR

    DigiFes 2021 Updates

    Just about time! DigiFes 2021 begins in roughly 30 minutes from the time of this post. This year DigiFes is both in person and online. In person it is at the Yokosuka Arts Theater. Paid streams are available via the Streaming+ service. We believe these are geolocked, but the site isn't...
  17. MarcFBR

    Kenji Watanabe Digimon Tamers 20th Anniversary Reproduction Art Board Set Announced- Pre-Order Details & Images

    As we get ready for DigiFes, announcements have already begun. The newest one will make fans of Tamers and artwork quite happy! The Kenji Watanabe Digimon Tamers 20th Anniversary Reproduction Art Board Set has been announced! It's a set of 3 prints on canvas, mounted on a wood frame...
  18. MarcFBR

    Social & Kenji Watanabe Adventure: Episode 59 Art, DigiFes Tamers Social Art, & EX-01 Printable Playmat

    Batch of stuff before DigiFes! After Digimon Adventure: episode 59 aired, Digimon Web put up social art of HerculesKabuterimon, who made their first Adventure: appearance in the episode. The attached message: And new art from Kenji Watanabe! The art shows off HerculesKabuterimon from...
  19. MarcFBR

    Extended Preview for Digimon Adventure: Episode 60

    Watch episode 59 first! Time for the extended preview for Episode 60, Vikemon Ventures the Glaciers! As we've seen before, this is about double what appeared at the end of the show itself. Our discussion thread for episode 59 is here if you want to discuss the episode after watching it.
  20. MarcFBR

    Digimon Adventure: Original Soundtrack Volume 2 Announced for August 25th

    Music news! It's been announced that Adventure: will get a second soundtrack! Digimon Adventure: Original Soundtrack Volume 2 will be released on August 25th for 2,800 yen. It will feature 31 tracks. 27 will be the BGM/OST tracks by Toshihiko Sahashi that play throughout the show (that...