digimon x

  1. MarcFBR

    Some Digimon X Details from Bandai, Update- Press Image & Info

    A tweet from Bandai America gives us some new updates on the US release of the Digimon X, with one or two potential surprises... They mention 107 Digimon to train and battle. As I recall this doesn't quite line up with the Digimon X v1 Black/White from Japan, so whether this is a mistake or...
  2. MarcFBR

    Digimon X Black & Red and Purple & Red US Pre-Orders Open

    After the white and blue went up, followed by the green and blue, we finally have pre-orders for the other Digimon X models. Amazon has put up pre-orders for 2 models with a red X: (affiliate links) Digimon X Black & Red Digimon X Purple & Red The first matches the black model that came out in...
  3. MarcFBR

    Digimon X Green & Blue US Pre-Orders Open

    After the white and blue went up earlier, we have another color of the Digimon X to pre-order! Amazon has put up pre-orders for the green and blue version of the Digimon X! (affiliate link) This one has a aqua-green for the main body and a neony purple for the frame and buttons, giving it a...
  4. MarcFBR

    Digimon X White & Blue US Pre-Orders Open, Out on July 15th

    It's been a bit of a wait, and a month since they were officially announced at DigiNavi (with a look at the packaging also), but pre-orders are finally open for the newest US Digimon V-Pet... Amazon has put up pre-orders for the white and blue version of the Digimon X! (affiliate link) At the...
  5. MarcFBR

    Digimon X US Release This Summer

    After over half a year of leaks and other bits, at DigiNavi (as expected) they announced a US release of the Digimon X. It will be out this summer in the US and will also be distributed in other countries. In addition they teased more colors.
  6. MarcFBR

    DigiNavi Preview Shows Shodo Series 3 Final Images & Figuarts Alphamon Ouryuken

    Thanks to a few people sending it in we have the DigiNavi preview video from earlier. In addition to the Digimon X US release, the preview goes over a number of things, including a few things we haven't fully seen yet... Final versions of the series 3 Shodo figures- Zudomon, Omegamon...
  7. MarcFBR

    US Digimon X V-Pet Packaging Preview

    From what appears to be a DigiNavi ad from Facebook (or Instagram) is a screenshot showing off packaging from the US release of the Digimon X. It appears they plan to formally announce the US release of them during the upcoming DigiNavi. We first found out about these last year, although no...
  8. MarcFBR

    US Release of Digimon X V-Pets in February?

    Various toy dealers and shops in Asia have begun to list US versions of the Digimon X Black and White. While not a guarantee of a release, since miscommunications do happen, stores are in the midst of ordering their stock, so this is almost certainly happening. This is roughly what happened a...
  9. MarcFBR

    Product Updates- Shodo Figure Preview & Kenji Watanabe Packaging, Butter-Fly Music Library CD & Shirt Availibity, & Premium Bandai Digimon X Lotto

    A few different product updates before DigiFes tomorrow! First up... HatenaBlog (the staff blog for Bandai Candy) did a preview of the upcoming Shodo Digimon figures. It includes a bit of information about the figures, plus new images. Shodo fits under the 'food toy' type since gum is...