digimon world 3

  1. kensei

    What's happening with Kensei

    Hi everyone! Welcome to my "what's happening" section. I mostly made this to post about a game I'm working on (more on that in a minute) but I'll also be posting about general events. I'm a server-side developer in the midlands who enjoys fixing things, so expect non-dev posts here to relate to...
  2. TMS

    Unique Attacks from Video Games - Discussion

    As I've been going down Wikimon's List of Digimon and updating/correcting/filling in the attack descriptions, I've been noticing that there are some techniques only found in video games and that appear to be unique to a specific Digimon but aren't generally recognized as signature techniques...
  3. TMS

    Digimon World 3 Translated Info Guide, Card Guide, Items, Skills, etc.

    I'm finally posting another of my "translations," for Digimon books, the info from this one being from a Japanese Digimon World 3 player's guide. Among other things, it has stats for various Digimon, the original names for locations and human characters, and a look at the card game. I'm also...
  4. TMS


    In Digimon World 3, the A.o.A.'s underwater base is called Magasta. While working on my translations from a Digimon World 3 guide, it occurred to me to look up the source of the name for the first time. Apparently the name comes from Glorantha, a fantasy world created as a setting for...