digimon universe appmon

  1. E

    I have a few questions about Digimon APPLI MONSTERS

    1st) Why can't Haru and the others "revive" right away? I mean, we have the robotic bodies, the back-up memory data, Haru, . I need somebody to explain that to me. Also, are we really sure that he's ? I mean, both Haru and seems too happy in the end. 2nd) Which version of Digimon app...
  2. D

    Do you guys think there will ever be a sequel to Appli monsters?

    As much as I've enjoyed it (I must admit that it was a pleasant surprise), I think the ending leaves an open door for a sequel. For example, the issue of . I know Haru has said He will do will do everything in his power to try to bring him back (and maybe he will succeed one day), but I'd like...
  3. AguChamp

    Logamon Ink drawing.

    I've really loved watching Appmon recently, and decided to draw one of my favorites! I'm not the best at Digital Art and Coloring for that matter, so currently I went with a black and white, on paper drawing! I'd love some feedback and especially criticism...
  4. MarcFBR

    Appmon Rental DVD 5 Cover & Available July 4th

    Time for another rental DVD! https://images.withthewill.net/appmon_rentaldvd5_july3_2017.jpg The 5th Appmon rental DVD will be available in Japanese rental shops on July 4th. The cover features Haru and DoGatchmon from the 2nd retail Appmon DVD-Box. They don't give an episode list for this...